Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our winter table

I realized the other day that I hadn't taken a picture of our nature table all put together for winter! The girls have so enjoyed playing with it but it's hard to think winter when it's nearly 80 degrees outside! lol I guess I need to start thinking about a spring table huh? I joined a new toy swap and will be getting items for our spring table...it will be so exciting to get things not made by me!

They liked it! They really liked it!

I know it's kind of lame to take a picture of our dinner but I was just so excited! I got this new magazine in the mail that had some great looking recipes in it including a recipe for pizza dough. I gave it a try and it turned out great! The girls loved it and we didn't even have any leftovers! Woo hoo! Now I don't have to feel guilty eating pizza since I know what goes into it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was Fate!

The last week is a bit of a blur. Last weekend started with so much let down from not getting that puppy and confusion as to how a person could actually do that to us! I still haven't figured out what she had to gain from that but I do know that we were obviously not meant to get that dog! (Duh! Right?)

It was a wonderfully cloudy, gloomy day that I would have otherwise been happy about but we were all just draggin' and it was far from the Valentine's day that we'd planned for the girls (and us too). We all finally got around and headed out to the Humane Society (with no luck there) and then on to Petsmart. The girls and I went in ahead of Jason and we quickly found our way to the back of the store which was full of dogs in need of homes! The first dog I saw was a puppy curled up in the lap of someone else....The girls and I looked over the other dogs but came back to this little puppy. There was a couple trying to get a feel for her and I just kept thinking "just walk away" " please don't take her". We hung around in the store until the couple decided that she wasn't the one for them and then we proceeded to spend about 3 hours getting acquainted and filling out the paperwork to bring her home! My heart jumped into my throat when they said we wouldn't be able to take her home for a few days...and then a woman I recognized came over to us and I was able to remind her that we'd adopted a cat (Kaladi) from them before and she approved us on the spot! And so we brought a 9 month old terrier/dachshund mix that went by the name "Fate" home...

As I type this, our new puppy (now known as Miley) is asleep on the chair and inching ever so close to falling off in her sleep! She has worked her way into our home and hearts and is quickly finding her place in our family. There's sure to be more posts and pictures about her in the future! It was definately *fate*!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


1 ad on Craigs list for a puppy FREE
Price for said puppy $100
1 1/2 hour drive to Ft Worth and back $40
1 hour waiting in a parking lot waiting for owner of puppy....


Yesterday morning I thought for sure my stalking avaliable pets on petfinder was over. I found an ad for puppies that were just O-so-cute, gotten emails back about them and even talked to the woman on the phone. We arranged to drive into Ft Worth just as soon as Jason got home and were supposed to meet this woman to pick out a puppy! We got within a half hour of the Home Depot where we were supposed to meet (she had offered to meet us part way) and called her cell phone to only get her voice mail....we got to the packing lot, called her work number ,cell number and even emailed her but never heard from her...after an hour of sitting there we finally gave up and came home. The poor girls were SO good and SO confused! We hadn't told them why we were going only that it was going to be fun. I felt so bad and am still in shock this morning. I just can't understand what happened or why someone would do this to us. By the time we got home the ad was pulled from Craiglist and I never had heard from her again....the only thing that gives me any comfort is that obviously we weren't meant to have one of these dogs ...that and what goes around comes around right?

Friday, February 6, 2009

In the quiet moments

My mind has been full of thoughts lately...hurt and longing...creative and overwelming feelings....needing closure and moving on to new chapters...It is in the few quiet moments like the one pictured that all these feelings give me a moment of peace. Something as simple as a baby in need of her daddy's snuggle time can make the world look so much nicer...This is my newest favorite picture. So dear!