Monday, May 31, 2010

We're going on a bird hunt

It's funny that I would find this give-a-way at Resurrection Fern just when I was thinking about posting these pictures from vacation. She has a book called "Little Birds" that just looks to be adorable and totally something we would love to have an make things from!! Go check it out!
There must be something in the air about birds! My girls are crazy about the birds we see out our windows here in the trailer, so much so that we put up a little bird feeder in the tree next us! Now if the birds would only find it, the cats would be oh so happy!
Another giveaway worthy of checking out is at GardenMama...I am so in love with the framed bird picture and would love to have it for our schoolroom in the new house! (Crossing fingers on finding a house with enough room for one! ha!)
We are so into birds lately that I even made room in the trailer for a treassured book of Bird encyclopedia so we can identify all sorts on our travels! Happy birdwatching!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What it's really about

Me - " What do you feel when you see this J?"

J- " Umm... proud...I feel proud Mom."

How do you teach children to feel pride when they see a row of American flags? How do you get across the idea that Memorial day isn't just about a day off of work, or a BBQ or good sales at the department stores? In a world so full of "me me me" how can we teach our children that it's more about "them" and so many others who shaped the way our country is today and the way it will be tomorrow?

It's just something I think about...
On this day, find a soldier and thank his/her family...if you can't thank that soldier, thank their family for all they have sacrificed for us to have this day off work, this amazing place to have a BBQ with friends and the freedom to shop those sales...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Settling in

Well, it's day four of being in the trailer full time and we haven't killed each other so I consider it a success so far! Now, that's not to say I don't have my moments of missing things like serving dishes and my dvr but then there are moments of bliss when the girls are both finally napping at the same time and the trailer is quiet or they are sitting at the table getting creative with quasinare rods...sigh...
We've really been enjoying the nature around us...that sound silly to say when we aren't that far from a highway but really it doesn't feel like it here. When we were picking out our spot the girls were so tickled to see squirels running all over the place and we've been enjoying them ever since! We even seem to have a regular at our spot that they girls have named "Harry". Daddy even got them a little bird feeder to hang outside the window but the birds have yet to find it yet. You can be sure there will be lots of pictures to follow once they do!

And then of course there are moments like these that our simplified life seems to be working and we just have to sit back and enjoy....

Monday, May 24, 2010

MIA Blogger

I feel like I've been missing in action these days...the last few weeks have been a blur of packing, last minute things around the old house, emotional endings to the school year and closing on the house...all in time for a trip across the country with various stops to see family before finally arriving in Pennsylvania for a two week visit with MORE family! lol I'd like to say the trip went off without a hitch but once we got settled in to PA, we all came down with the crud and are still trying to bounce back from it all...we so need a vacation to get over this vacation! :)

Along the way, and dispite the cold weather (finally I had a guilt free excuse to shop at Goodwill! ha!) and the sickness, we did make lots of good memories and have thousands of new pictures to show for it! Did I mention that we got our new camera? lol ;) Here's just a taste of what we got to do on our trip. I really hope to write about a few of them in more detail but for now we go!