Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The neverending battle....

.... of toys!!

How do you do it?! How do you have a house that looks presentable and yet kid friendly?! This is a subject that I struggle weekly, daily and hourly! lol

It was just last a week or so ago that I woke up and decided our school room needed a change and headed off to the lumber store with a list of measurements and came home with a pile of cut wood ready to assemble!! But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! 

I, by no means have all the answers, or even any of the answers... and my husband would laugh if he ever read this but I do keep trying..... and keep trying.... so here's my top ten!

Ten best strategies for de-cluttering and organizing toys in your child’s playroom

1.Over the door shoe racks!! 
  These work great for more than shoes!

2. Big bowls from thrift stores...
  Work great for storing little toys and look nice on a shelf

3. Build in shelves
   Every closet has wasted space and each time we move I am out to find out how to use it to the best of my ability!!

4. Clear bedding bags
  You know, the kind that come with sheets and comforters? They work GREAT to storing toys and slide easily under beds!

5. Clear totes
  These stack easily  at the top of closets (out of reach of children). I have mine labeled with what's in them and the kids have to ask before getting them out! This ensures that the last mess they made is cleaned up before I will get more little pieces out! :) 

6. Sweater boxes
  They aren't just for sweaters! They word great under beds for bedtime reading, extra clothes and of course .... toys! :)

7. Wooden Cubes (or rectangles)
  These can be made from basic wood pieces you can have cut at your local lumber store. I bought a few of them from a friend and have made more since. They are easy to stack and have served the purpose of holding my scrapbooking materials, serving as nightstands for awhile and currently holding books!! 

8. Huge Bucket
  My girls have a never ending collection of stuffed animals! I think they are multiplying at night!! So we got those big buckets, in the gardening section, and they each have one in their closet to help corral their zoo!

9. Curtains
  I know this isn't really an organizing secret but it does make things look nicer!! Instead of having a shelf that is out there for all to see... why not cover it with a curtain and give the appearance of being neat and tidy! :)

10.  I know I should have something profound for it being the last one... but really I think it all comes down to.... if they play with it.... and really enjoy it, you'll make it work. If you are constantly finding it on the floor or cast off under the bed, is it really something they love or rather something they are casting off to get it out of the way of they things they do? :)

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