Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 years ago today...

...I married by best friend!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Silent snow

Today I realized what I have been missing about snowy days...the silence. Now, I know, it wasn't really silent but there was a stillness about the world around us today as we walked around our neighborhood in the snow. Neighbors were passing us on their way home early for the day (do to the snow) and they were giving us the funniest faces as we walked in the heavily falling snow!

It's not as if I really enjoy the prep work. Finding everyone mittens and hats and getting little feet and jeans tucked into boots is far from exciting but the pure joy on their little rosy faces as we walked in the snow was well worth it. How is it that we instinctively think that it is fun to catch snowflakes on our tongues? lol

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me an email apologizing for any time she has made comments that I just needed to make the best of this Texas heat that I hate so much. She is not enjoying this winter wonderland and gave me the ok to complain away about the heat! lol I know many of my friends feel just like her and I hope that thru all the messing up schedules, and stuck cars this snowy week has caused, they are able to take even a few quiet moments and obsorb the rebirth this white world has brought us. I think that's why I liked the Alaskan weather. Yes, the winters were cold and long and yes the summers could have been a bit warmer and longer, but the changing of the seasons are nature's way of making us take everyday in and never for granted. It made us get out and enjoy the sunshine while we could or nestle in and slow our pace in the winter. The last few days here in Texas have been amazing and I am so thankful for Mother Nature telling us all to slow down...we miss so much of life by always striving for tomorrow.
What a wonderful day to walk in the snow! And the perfect time for some hot chocolate snack while the soup is bubbling on the stove...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last giveaways of the year!

Once again, there are two amazing giveaways on blogs I follow. These are two of my very favorite blogs and the magazine is something I look forward to each month! Be sure to check them out for your chance to win too!!!

Mamaroots is giving away this month's Herbal Roots magazine!

Herbal Roots is giving away one of Mamaroots amazing creatures!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowman fun

I still can't believe the day we've had today...sledding and building an amazing snowman! I have to pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming! Snow in Texas?! Really?! It really does feel like a dream....this will definately be a Christmas to remember for more than one reason.

It feels so foreign to be bundling up to go out and play and yet so oddly familiar. I still can't believe I was able to quickly dig out all of our boots and gear. The gloves were in hiding but I found enough to make do. The thing I found the funniest was that dh knew exactly where Koda's old harness was for pulling sled. It was on a shelf in the garage, I guess he never had to heart to pack it away either. It was such a strang feeling as I handled the harness and the memories of late night walks in the snow came flooding in...and it was funny trying to get Karma into it. I forgot she was so young when we left Alaska and she had no idea what I was trying to put on her! lol She loved the snow tho and has been crying at the door ever since we came back in...even the dog misses our northern Eden.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not so anxious

I know, I am probably the one mom on the planet that kind of dreads Christmas day. Yes, I am anxious for the girls to get their gifts and to see the look on their faces when they get that super special gift, but a little part of me is always sad on Christmas Eve. I am always sad about the projects I just couldn't get to, the thought of taking down our beautiful decorations and that idea that this warm and cozy season is over the moment the present are open.

In Alaska, things seemed to slow down a bit. People weren't in such a hurry to take it all away, they seemed to savor the cozy feelings indoors, as the feeling outdoors were much colder and what some would see as pleak. But living here, people seem to live life at a much fast pace. I can't quite put my finger on it but things seem to be more rushed and less savored. So for once last moment, I want to take in the views I see and the feelings that go along with them...tomorrow will be here soon enough!

This year we left Santa a Mickey Mouse waffle and milk instead of cookies!

Grow-a-Santa was huge hit! Thanks Toni!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One last gift...

It always seems to amaze me the giving nature of other moms!

Check out this AMAZING give-a-way!!!

AND this adorable baby!

We are definately keeping our fingers crossed for these!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

K-LOVE Home for the Holidays

Some time ago, before Christmas, there was a contest on my favorite radio station KLOVE. It was called Home for the Holidays and consisted of writing a letter to the person that makes you think of " home". We were instructed to write as if we were talkin to them face to face and telling them why they mean so much to us...All of that for a chance to go home for the holidays. Obviously I didn't win so I don't know why I kept the letter I wrote but thought I would share it here...

As a small child, my mother and I lived with my grandparents after my father left us. My mother had to work so I spent my days with my gram. She was the best baker I have ever known and had the biggest heart. She would bake and cook for anyone that would eat it! I can remember running errands with her and my Aunt Bern or going to visit my great grandparents. When I think of her, I think of how selfless she was. She gave me the start in life that I will forever be greatful for...Eventually my mom remarried a great man and we moved away for an exciting military life and I then married into the military life again which has kept me away for many years. One thing that has never changed is my connection with my Gram. The last few years have been hard, as dementia/early onset alzheimers has taken so much of my gram away from us. I treassure the talks we have and the things I have learned from her over the years but I can feel her slipping away. I wish I could tell her how much she means to me and how much she is a part of me but I know it would confuse and upset her. She's one of the strongest women I know. I want to be able to teach my girls the things she has instilled in me... I love you Gram!

I could have gone on to say SO much more but they limited the amount of words....Who would you write your letter to and what would you say?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Candy craze!

Along with our invitation to share the holiday with friends/family, we were asked to bring items to decorate a gingerbread house. I was so excited that this would be R first time of doing this and I knew that J would be thrilled too! When we arrived for Thanksgiving, we found this table set up in a side room....

After all the food had been enjoyed, leftovers stored and the mass amount of dishes washed and put away...the table became a place for a candy craze!

J did hers completely by herself!!! (above) I was so busy helping (and later finishing on my own) R with hers! (Below)

We had such a great time! I think we might have a new Thanksgiving day tradition! Thanks Pam!

Thanksgiving to remember

The holidays always tend to make me think of days gone by and miss the things that used to be. Usually the hurt is so strong and it clouds the day with longing.... this year was first for me....the missing didn't sink in until after it was all said and done! I'm making progress right? lol

This picture is one of my very favorites. It was taken on our last Thanksgiving in Alaska, on our way to share Thanksgiving with friends. J was tucked in to the sled with the pumpkin pies and we set off into the snow! I tend to remember things in colors. I know, strange. This day, altho cold and white, I remember in warm yellows...all my good memories are warm!

But this year, Thanksgiving was packed with so much excitement that the day was simpy full of good food, good friends and family and only thankful thoughts! I hope that all my readers (as few as there may be) had a wonderful day full of only new, wonderful yellow/warm memories!

And the winner is...

My little helper picked it out for me! Robin, can you send me your address so I can drop them in the mail to you? :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Act of Kindness- Giveaway!

I can't believe how far we've come since I first started this little blog. I don't know how many people actually read it but for me it has been such a joy to share my crafts and my thoughts with you all. As I've said before, I feel so blessed to be part of this online community of "friends" and I learn so much from the blogs of other mama's like me!

Things in our house have been quite busy lately, both good and bad and in between. The girls have been fighting a flu bug off and on now for a month or so which has forced me to really buckled down on our activities lately. This has been so hard during this time of year and we've had to miss so many fun activities but I am hoping that we are finally in the clear. Due to hubby's work schedule (oh don't get me started!) and with the threat of the unknown with the girls possibly getting sick again, I had to back out of a craft show I had planned on setting up at. I think this was the hardest of all to have to cancel because it felt like defeat when really it was just a slap of reality that I can't do it all! lol DD had been working so hard on these little recycled crafts to sell there and now we are left with around 50 little pies with no home for the holidays! I have other outlets for my items like my blog and little shops here in town but for her the outlets were a bit more limited and really it was just something fun for her to do. we were leaving the store yesterday I got an idea! I was digging in my purse for my keys when I saw one of these little pies that we had attached to a pin back floating around in my purse! I asked J if she thought that the lady who had greeted us at the door would like it and of course she was excited and ran off to give it to her. The look of confusion, replaced with joy when J handed it to her and told her she made it was something that brought a lump in my throat. J was as high as a kite when we walked away and couldn't stop rambling on about how much that woman had liked it and how excited she was to make her heart was over flowing with joy! So, we talked about it and we are going to use these little pies as random acts of kindness (a term that J is now trying to remember as she thinks it is SOOO cool!) When we go to the stores now, we are going to try and look for someone that might be having a bad day or maybe someone that looks really friendly to make their day even better and give them a little pie! J is so excited about the idea and made sure that I put more in my purse just as soon as we got home!


In honor of our new plan this holiday season, and as a way to celebrate my blogs 100th posting, I am giving away two of our little pies. One for you to keep and one for you to give away for your own little Random Act of Kindness! Please let me know if you would like it to be on a magnet, a pin or neither ( they are great for fairies!)

How to enter-

1.Leave a comment telling me how someone else has given you a Random Act of Kindness. It could be something as simple as a person holding a door for you or a fellow mom telling you you're doing a good job (while your toddler is throwing a fit at your feet! lol)

2.Post a link to my posting on your blog (leave a seperate comment with a link so I can go check it out!)

3. Become a fan and follow my blog! *If you post a comment and you are already a fan I will give you two chances!

That's it! Isn't that easy? J will draw the name on Thanksgiving and I will send them out to you ASAP!

Have you done a Random Act of Kindness Today?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swap crazy!

I made these little salt dough pumpkins for the fall nature table swap...and this is what we got in return!

This necklace was one of my very favorites! I wear it all the time and had to make more for the girls and a few friends! Something so simple but beautiful!

And these were the goodies I got from the Just For Moms Swap! ( I forgot to take pictures of the pretty washrags I crocheted!)

I am currently hosting a swap for toy animals and the packages are starting to arrive! I'm just putting the finishing "hairs" on the knit horses I am making and will post pics soon!

Next comes the ladybug swap, winter nature table and advent! The fun never ends!

I feel like our house has been like a revolving door of crafts lately! We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community online of ladies who take their kids playtime very much to heart! The items we have been getting in swaps lately have many times brought me to tears with their beauty and detail. My girls are so lucky to receive such amazing treassures and I hope when they grow up they realize how many blessings God has brought to us...even through their toys!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The day U-2 came to town...

I have been meaning to write about this for weeks now and never seem to find the time. My days are filled with crafts and school and crafts again and then sick kiddos in between... and yes, more crafting! But that is a whole other blog entry to write! Now back to the day in question...

My dear hubby had a once in a lifetime chance to go see U-2 with his cousin. So with a few days notice, our schedules flipped around and he set off to meet his uncle and cousin in Dallas for a incredible guys night out! Well somewhere in the mix they started talking about a kitten his uncle's family had rescued and how they really needed to find him a good home. Even as I write this, I can imagine DH's reaction and certain mood in response to that. "Noooooo" was surely his reply! lol As his uncle started telling him about this cat, who he fondly called Eddy, DH started to actually show interest! Meanwhile, I was at home chatting with his aunt and she was sending me pictures! I find it so funny how things seem to work out when they are meant to...This all took place on a Monday and by Sunday we were driving to Oklahoma city to meet them for the handoff!!!

Since bringing him home, Eddy became Kobuk (named after the national park in Alaska and also a coffee shop ) and he has filled a terrible void in our house. I can somehow feel the energy has changed and it warms my heart every night when I look over and see Kobuk stretched out on DHs chest! I don't usually feel that one animal should take the place of another and I would still want Kaladi back if I could but I can't. Kobuk has healed a spot in my little ones heart that cried daily for her loss...and now she just can't stop talking about "Bobuk". She is totally in love and I am so content to watch them play!

For now and always I will be indebted to U-2 and I will remember the day they came to town...

Monday, November 2, 2009

I won! And still hopeful....

First of all, I want to send out a huge thankyou to MamaRoots for the adorable wooden monster I won on her blog! The girls are so exciting and already talking about the green things we will have to hide so dear Elder doesn't eat them! (He likes to eat green food but they just want to be sure!) I enter all sorts of contests but never think I'll actually win!

Awhile back I even won a darling necklace from Herbal Roots too! How cool is that? They are now offering a drawing for what looks like an AMAZING game! I am crossing my fingers ! While you are there, check out their monthly herbal 'zine. I just got my first one about Rosemary and it's wonderful! I am definately hooked and can't wait to try out everything with our fresh rosemary!

I am so inspired by the wonderful things people offer up for contests! I think I'll post one soon too so check back in the next few days! (I have one feeling under the weather so I'm not making promises on what day!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salmon Tears

Have I really resorted to this? Walking through the grocery store with tears in my eyes just ready to over flow? How lame is this!?!

It all started when the girls and I went on the quest to find acini de pepe pasta for our Sweet and Sour Maggot Salad that we are taking to a Halloween party tomorrow. After trying both the commissary and Albertson's we headed across town to Market Street. We walked in like any other shoppers, got a cart and headed towards the natural section of lotions, medicines etc. That smell hit me and I got a lump in my you are probably thinking I am crazy (I know Jason's aunt did when I mentioned something like this in Whole Foods one time) but there is this distinct smell that only a health food store has. I wish I knew what it was so I could bottle it! Is it something in particular or is it a combination of a lot of things mixed together? Nevertheless, that smell is what took me back to Alaska in my mind. Flashes of pictures were going thru my head...Natural Pantry, Carrs...Fred Meyers...Saturday market, Mountain Mary's....ahh.... (Yes I know that at least one person reading this thinks I am crazy, another probably is laughing and if I am lucky maybe someone can relate) Is there anyone that knows what this smell is and how I can get some to bring home!? :)

After FINALLY finding the pasta, and another variation of my chai tea "(heaven forbid they keep the same brand in stock!) we headed to the torture zone otherwise known as the fish counter. The girls and I stood there ooo-ing and ah-ing over all the sights we saw. J loved the crablegs (although she won't eat them) and R was tremendously interested in the clams...I however was scanning the beautiful selection of fish for little signs that read "Wild Caught, Product of the USA and (my favorite) Alaskan!" They had puny looking halibut on sale for $14 lb and some very pretty salmon (farm raised and color added !#%+~!) but what really jumped out to me was the Alaskan wild caught Cod on sale for $3.99lb! Now I know that this fish doesn't measure up to real Alaskan fish in any way shape or form but here in Texas I have to be happy with what I can get! So, we bought enough for dinner and went off to find something to compliment it. I even broke down and bought the little package of Cajun Salmon Spread "(color added-what a crock!) to complete the Alaskan themed meal! We were walking thru all the beautiful colors of apples and their nice (at least for Texas standards) selection of organic veggies, when THEY started....the tears just came on me without warning. I promise that I wasn't wallowing in the state we are in...those days of truly hating everything associate with Texas are few and far between now and even as I stood crying in a supermarket I wasn't thinking about hate or disgust but just about how much I truly want to go home...

I think my yearning for home (AKA Alaska) gets worse this time of year because I know that the seasons are changing there and that it is so vastly different than here. I think of all the comforts that I can't waking up to the silent wonder of a first snowfall, wool sweaters to cut out the wind and the festivals and bazaars that are soon to follow. And I know that in less than a year, I am going to have to leave even here, a place I have hated so much but have grown to be content, and start all over....again...

My question to whom ever may be reading this is....Are you ever really happy and in love with where you are? Having traveled around all my life, I don't know what its like to grow up in the house my parents brought me home to, graduate with the friends I went to high school with or even get job in the town I went to college...I have lots of places I have lived but only one that was really truly home. I am lucky for that I know but still heartbroken at the loss.

Sometimes I feel like Susan, Lucy, Edmond and Peter the very first time they stepped thru the wardrobe and into Narnia. There is a beauty that can't be described. Alaska is my Narnia. I have seen Eden in the water, mountains and trees of Alaska but I still wonder if it was real or just a dream...

This was the view from our's what I think of every time we watch Narnia!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A double give-a-way!!

I first saw this blog post this morning and haven't been able to stop thinking about it! It's so exciting! Downinthemeadow is having a give-a-way at Gardenmama ! I have been watching her toys for sometime now and drooling over the gnome and animals she makes! lol You really should check out the sites! I know I'm glad I did and now I'm just crossing my fingers to win!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A new community

I can't even begin to discribe how fortunate I feel to have this amazing support system thru my online communty of "friends". These aren't friends in the typical sense, I have never met them in person nor do I even know where many of them live...I do however get a view into their daily lives and for the most part share a common thread~natural parenting. I love that I get to see how they not only school their children at home but also make food that is nurishing to their bodies and toys that are awakening to their souls. When I feel like the world is a bit overwelming, I can easily find a friend that is going thru the same thing and their blogs are just the pep-talk I needed!
On top of everything else these mamas are doing they are crafting for swaps and even having give-a-ways! I am inspired by them and hope others check out their beautiful lives, children and crafts! Here is just a small sampling of the amazing blogs I check on a daily basis. My days are so much richer for having "known" them. Please check hem out!

One of the first blogs I ever read was MotheringNature and her strength is such an amazing tribute to her husband and beautiful children. She is one of my heroes...

I am inspired in a new way of learning (which is limitless) at Earthschooling

And last but not least, my favorite place for crafting ideas is WeeFolkArt

New found friends ....Check out these give-a-ways at GardenMama and SoWabiSabi !!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flower Children

"Hey Mom! The flower children were here and left mushrooms all over our back yard!"

I made this one!

I love hearing things like this from the girls...they really are learning about nature and using their imaginations along the way. Simple fun! It's great! No sooner had I gone out in the yard to check out the mushrooms and Janie was yelling that we needed to get our new flower children and take pictures of them with the mushrooms! So we did!

This one is from Syrendell

Isn't it great!?

They really got into posing the flower children and Janie loved getting to take pictures of them!

Here's a picture of all the treasures we got in the Flower Children swap...what a fun package to get!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Torch has passed....

I have always been so fascinated by the Kennedy family. I can't explain it, but it's always been there. I never tire of the books and learning about their marks on history. I don't know if its because they are the closest thing we have to royalty or if it's just an honest interest in this family that has given so much for our country.
As I watch the final passing of a torch started so many years ago, my mood is somber. I have no connection to this man, and don't even share his views in politics but I have much admiration for a man that could give his life for public service. Sen Ted Kennedy has always had to live in the shadows of his famous brothers, but in reality it is him that has gotten to shine, to accomplish things in his life that they didn't and to live a full life. I try not to focus on his short comings, which have been beyond public too, but instead think of the incredible service he gave.
Today is not about politics, or being a Republican of's mourning the loss of someone, of a chapter, in history. I watch the groups of people on the sidelines who have been out in the sun and heat for hours and you know that they aren't all his constituents. They are simply there to pay their respects.
I hope that more people can realize that being an American isn't about being on the winning team, or part of the ruling political party. It's more so about our differences and embracing them and although we may not all agree with the politics of this Senator from Massachusetts, his views have done good for people and challenged others to fight for their views and reach their potential too...
I am so proud to be an American and thank all those, on both sides of the isle, for all they do to keep this the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A beautiful gloomy moment

For a breif and gloomy moment, all was right in my day....the thunder was booming, the sky was grey and the rain was pooring...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Verses contest

A week or so ago, one of my favorite blogs held a contest of sorts and although I didn't win, my poem is on their blog for all to see! How exciting! Now I have ordered two of their darling snails and can't wait for their arrival with the fall fairies on the first day of fall! Please check out The Waldorf Way and read the other poems that were submitted!

Friday, August 21, 2009

More yummy stitches

A friend of mine asked if I could make some cupcakes for an upcoming birthday and I was thrilled to have a challenge! What I didn't realize was how challenging it can be to use someone else's pattern and not have it come out just right! There are lots of patterns online for cupcakes and I've been trying them out and altering them to look how I want. There are two of the ackward ones that I made but will continue to work on my own pattern until I get it "just right"!
The girls don't seem to mind that they aren't perfect...I keep catching them sneaking off with them to take them into their play kitchen! I'm glad they are going over so good in our house at least!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My newest therapy

I have been amazed by the ability of some people to knit amazing creations with something as simple as a skein of yarn and two knitting needles! So, I've taken the leap and started with a few simple patterns I've found online! (If I can ever figure out how, I'll post the links in case you want to make them too!)

These are pretty basic projects but I am simply giddy over them and can't wait to continue learning! If any of you have any favorite patterns to share please post them in the comments!