Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Act of Kindness- Giveaway!

I can't believe how far we've come since I first started this little blog. I don't know how many people actually read it but for me it has been such a joy to share my crafts and my thoughts with you all. As I've said before, I feel so blessed to be part of this online community of "friends" and I learn so much from the blogs of other mama's like me!

Things in our house have been quite busy lately, both good and bad and in between. The girls have been fighting a flu bug off and on now for a month or so which has forced me to really buckled down on our activities lately. This has been so hard during this time of year and we've had to miss so many fun activities but I am hoping that we are finally in the clear. Due to hubby's work schedule (oh don't get me started!) and with the threat of the unknown with the girls possibly getting sick again, I had to back out of a craft show I had planned on setting up at. I think this was the hardest of all to have to cancel because it felt like defeat when really it was just a slap of reality that I can't do it all! lol DD had been working so hard on these little recycled crafts to sell there and now we are left with around 50 little pies with no home for the holidays! I have other outlets for my items like my blog and little shops here in town but for her the outlets were a bit more limited and really it was just something fun for her to do. we were leaving the store yesterday I got an idea! I was digging in my purse for my keys when I saw one of these little pies that we had attached to a pin back floating around in my purse! I asked J if she thought that the lady who had greeted us at the door would like it and of course she was excited and ran off to give it to her. The look of confusion, replaced with joy when J handed it to her and told her she made it was something that brought a lump in my throat. J was as high as a kite when we walked away and couldn't stop rambling on about how much that woman had liked it and how excited she was to make her heart was over flowing with joy! So, we talked about it and we are going to use these little pies as random acts of kindness (a term that J is now trying to remember as she thinks it is SOOO cool!) When we go to the stores now, we are going to try and look for someone that might be having a bad day or maybe someone that looks really friendly to make their day even better and give them a little pie! J is so excited about the idea and made sure that I put more in my purse just as soon as we got home!


In honor of our new plan this holiday season, and as a way to celebrate my blogs 100th posting, I am giving away two of our little pies. One for you to keep and one for you to give away for your own little Random Act of Kindness! Please let me know if you would like it to be on a magnet, a pin or neither ( they are great for fairies!)

How to enter-

1.Leave a comment telling me how someone else has given you a Random Act of Kindness. It could be something as simple as a person holding a door for you or a fellow mom telling you you're doing a good job (while your toddler is throwing a fit at your feet! lol)

2.Post a link to my posting on your blog (leave a seperate comment with a link so I can go check it out!)

3. Become a fan and follow my blog! *If you post a comment and you are already a fan I will give you two chances!

That's it! Isn't that easy? J will draw the name on Thanksgiving and I will send them out to you ASAP!

Have you done a Random Act of Kindness Today?


momto5 said...

my favorite RAC was after my 4th child was born and a bunch of friends brought food to our house for 2 weeks. it was so wonderful.


bri said...

I was having a bad day and was getting a couple of things at the store and the gentleman in front of me just up and paid for it! It must have been pretty obvious but it really was very sweet of him to do that.

bri said...

I became a follower as well :)

Alisha said...

Hey, Hallie! I saw your blog on the homeschool loop! I'm adding you on my blogroll and am following! :)

You have such cute crafts... and I'd love to talk to you about your crocheting! I'm looking for a nice dishcloth pattern.

Have a great Friday! :D

the hermits on the hill said...

I'm already a follower but there was one time you and I were in a store and we really fell in love with a broach you could put a picture in..It was buy one get one free...They were $25 each and we couldn't afford it...while you & I talked about it, a gentleman was picking out what he wanted to buy and told us to pick one out, & that he'd give us his free one...We were flabberghasted and so happy. I still have that broach even though it was at least 20 years ago.

the hermits on the hill said...

I posted it to my blog know where it is I think. Ü
I'm so proud of you by the way.

Robin said...

Awwwww J is so sweet! She has a great role model as did you tho' - so of course she is! lol.
I've had several RAKs in my time lol but one that always stood out to me was a lady on a flight I was on... My first flight alone w/ both girls - KL was an infant & Bri was about 2. I was young & it wasn't easy to get both girls where we needed to be but they were fab during the whole trip. This lady took the time to remark to me how well behaved the girls were & that that meant they had a wonderful mommy. That one remark from a stranger meant the world to me at the time & still does. She'll never know of course.

Tell J thanks for the giveaway & I can't wait to meet her! {and see her wonderful mommy again!}

Robin said...

I'm a follower. :)
Here, I'll give you another story; While in the dentist waiting room, when the girls were small, a lady sat knitting a washcloth like the ones that I now knit. The girls were amazed watching her and, again, were very well behaved {they weren't always lol. But I could count on them when it really mattered.} - as we were leaving this kind lady gave the cloth to the girls, it was yellow. I saw the lady in the parking lot shortly after & mentioned to her that the girls had her washcloth & she confirmed that she had given it to them & said something nice about them I'm sure. They played with that cloth in their toy kitchen for years and I wouldn't be surprised if it's packed in a box somewhere to this day. lol.

Anonymous said...

Just today I was asking for materials for our afterschool science club and had email from parents asking what me might need. I responded to one parent thanking her and praising her child. I ended saying I really enjoy science club and hope that joy rubs of on the children. Her response was that she believes I enjoy life and my smile has brightened her day many times. I didn't know I has such power over the infectiousness of my joy.
Many blessings to you.

Shona Cole said...

these are so lovely, what a great idea. thanks for sharing the link :) I am a homeschooler too. I will be back to check out your blog some more.

thanks also for signing up to be a follower (during my Dec 2 giveaway), check in on Saturday when my giveaway is on!!!