Monday, November 2, 2009

I won! And still hopeful....

First of all, I want to send out a huge thankyou to MamaRoots for the adorable wooden monster I won on her blog! The girls are so exciting and already talking about the green things we will have to hide so dear Elder doesn't eat them! (He likes to eat green food but they just want to be sure!) I enter all sorts of contests but never think I'll actually win!

Awhile back I even won a darling necklace from Herbal Roots too! How cool is that? They are now offering a drawing for what looks like an AMAZING game! I am crossing my fingers ! While you are there, check out their monthly herbal 'zine. I just got my first one about Rosemary and it's wonderful! I am definately hooked and can't wait to try out everything with our fresh rosemary!

I am so inspired by the wonderful things people offer up for contests! I think I'll post one soon too so check back in the next few days! (I have one feeling under the weather so I'm not making promises on what day!)

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