Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving to remember

The holidays always tend to make me think of days gone by and miss the things that used to be. Usually the hurt is so strong and it clouds the day with longing.... this year was first for me....the missing didn't sink in until after it was all said and done! I'm making progress right? lol

This picture is one of my very favorites. It was taken on our last Thanksgiving in Alaska, on our way to share Thanksgiving with friends. J was tucked in to the sled with the pumpkin pies and we set off into the snow! I tend to remember things in colors. I know, strange. This day, altho cold and white, I remember in warm yellows...all my good memories are warm!

But this year, Thanksgiving was packed with so much excitement that the day was simpy full of good food, good friends and family and only thankful thoughts! I hope that all my readers (as few as there may be) had a wonderful day full of only new, wonderful yellow/warm memories!

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