Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swap crazy!

I made these little salt dough pumpkins for the fall nature table swap...and this is what we got in return!

This necklace was one of my very favorites! I wear it all the time and had to make more for the girls and a few friends! Something so simple but beautiful!

And these were the goodies I got from the Just For Moms Swap! ( I forgot to take pictures of the pretty washrags I crocheted!)

I am currently hosting a swap for toy animals and the packages are starting to arrive! I'm just putting the finishing "hairs" on the knit horses I am making and will post pics soon!

Next comes the ladybug swap, winter nature table and advent! The fun never ends!

I feel like our house has been like a revolving door of crafts lately! We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community online of ladies who take their kids playtime very much to heart! The items we have been getting in swaps lately have many times brought me to tears with their beauty and detail. My girls are so lucky to receive such amazing treassures and I hope when they grow up they realize how many blessings God has brought to us...even through their toys!

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Brooke said...

Sorry I know some people read without leaving comments cause I am horrible about it sometimes espically if I have them on facebook! Thanks for keeping up with us! I love the pies!