Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall at 90

I am quite happy with myself...our first day of fall was a success! I have been working on these little fairy dolls in hopes of having them ready for the girls on the first day of fall. I have been reading and reading and reading some more about Waldorf schooling and I am really trying to reset my brain into the way I want to teach Janie and not conform to the way I think society would approve of. I love the idea of her learning life's lessons from nature and having that sense of wonder at it all. I have read about having a nature table in the house and then got the ideas for fairies that "appear" on the first day of the season and disappear before the next begins.

I made houses out of those carvable pumpkins from Michaels and then had a fairy doll for each of the girls and a note from the fairy explaining that they are only here for a season and that they can't wait to be best friends with them....I set it all up while they were sleeping and finally headed to bed at nearly 3am after getting it all "just right"! lol They were thrilled and keep telling everyone that enters the house about the fairies! I love the joy I hear in their voices and see on their faces when they play....Now I have to come up with the same level of cute for the winter season (even if it is non-existent here!) In a strange way, it gives me something to look forward to too!


coldpizzaforbreakfast said...

These are soooo adorable, and yes, now you are stuck! You'll have to do things like this all year. lol.
I have been wanting to do some stuff around the woods here too for Madysen - like make little fairy homes in the base of trees and stuff for her to see. Change them up now and then... make it kind of a magical place. Right now she is rarely out here as I go to her when Kayleigh has a class but I'm hopeful when she's a bit older she'll be out here more.
Great going! Little imaginations are SO fun!
Take care!

Syd & Andrea said...

Hey Hallie! I LOVE these little dolls and would like to make some for my girls... would you be willing to share your instructions/where you found them? What a great idea!


dottyspots said...

They look lovely :)

It can be hard to not conform to society's expectations as to how education *should* take place - but you CAN do it!