Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stamp Happy

I had the nicest surprise today and just can't help but gush about it! Our neighbors a few houses down have recently found out they are moving in a couple months
:( and are totally into that rush of life that moving brings with it. Anyways, she has decided that she wants to get more into her stained glass art and less into the stamps and clay....I like to think of him as the "stamp fairy" (aka Will the cop)....he stopped by our house today carrying a large bucket/tub FULL of stamps!!! He promply set them down just inside my door and refused to take any payment for them. Even as I write this I'm still in shock at the excitement of it all. I'm sure he could hear the girls and I squeeling as he walked back to his truck and we started looking thru stamps right there in the entrance to the house! It felt like a dream as we started pulling out stamps that we have drooled over on more than one occassion at Hobby Lobby and later in the evening the girls were just hilarious as they insisted on showing Daddy each and every stamp! Now if only there were a few more hours in the day for us to try them all out! I am so thankful for the thoughtful, sharing people we have met here.... I guess I should chalk this one down for a bright spot in Texas. They really are so few and far between but we really are trying to find the good. Today was such a blessing!

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