Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flower Children

"Hey Mom! The flower children were here and left mushrooms all over our back yard!"

I made this one!

I love hearing things like this from the girls...they really are learning about nature and using their imaginations along the way. Simple fun! It's great! No sooner had I gone out in the yard to check out the mushrooms and Janie was yelling that we needed to get our new flower children and take pictures of them with the mushrooms! So we did!

This one is from Syrendell

Isn't it great!?

They really got into posing the flower children and Janie loved getting to take pictures of them!

Here's a picture of all the treasures we got in the Flower Children swap...what a fun package to get!

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Mama Rose said...

I saw one of your beautiful little flower children (the first one pictured) over at Jennifer of Syrendell's house :D It is soooo cute! Great job Mama!!!