Monday, September 21, 2009

A new community

I can't even begin to discribe how fortunate I feel to have this amazing support system thru my online communty of "friends". These aren't friends in the typical sense, I have never met them in person nor do I even know where many of them live...I do however get a view into their daily lives and for the most part share a common thread~natural parenting. I love that I get to see how they not only school their children at home but also make food that is nurishing to their bodies and toys that are awakening to their souls. When I feel like the world is a bit overwelming, I can easily find a friend that is going thru the same thing and their blogs are just the pep-talk I needed!
On top of everything else these mamas are doing they are crafting for swaps and even having give-a-ways! I am inspired by them and hope others check out their beautiful lives, children and crafts! Here is just a small sampling of the amazing blogs I check on a daily basis. My days are so much richer for having "known" them. Please check hem out!

One of the first blogs I ever read was MotheringNature and her strength is such an amazing tribute to her husband and beautiful children. She is one of my heroes...

I am inspired in a new way of learning (which is limitless) at Earthschooling

And last but not least, my favorite place for crafting ideas is WeeFolkArt

New found friends ....Check out these give-a-ways at GardenMama and SoWabiSabi !!!


Kimara@weefolkart said...

Isn't it amazing how "warm" a "cold" computer can be? I feel the same way that you do. I am touched daily by so many, and I too consider many to be my friends. I have found many a kindred spirit... people united in their love for their families, respecting their environment, and embracing life with smiles and courage. It is very nice to "meet" you, and I am delighted that our blog brings you joy.

Melio (MelissaInk) said...

Cool stuff, Hallie. That Wooden Autumn Forest on Wee Folk Art is ADORABLE!

Hallie said...

Isn't it tho? That post and the posts of another gal are what got me started making wooden toys too!!! Blogs to come on those too! lol

tansy said...

you won the lemon balm pendant!! go here for details: