Monday, March 18, 2013

Lost in a world of eggs

It seems like I haven't been in this space, on this blog, in some time now. I think about writing, I really do, but the days just seem to be so full lately and then they just seem to slip away and the weeks just fly and before you know it- Its MARCH!! Where on earth did January and February go?! lol And soon it will be April! Agh!!

We have been doing lots of fun projects for school, and of course I've been right there taking pictures and writing blog posts about them in my head but I have yet to get them typed out and shared... sigh... someday.... Someday I will get caught up in everything I am working on, someday I will be more organized... someday....

But until then, my days are full of researching (mostly health stuff, recipes and more schooling ideas), school with the girls, more cooking REAL food from scratch and fitting in every little bit of crafting as I can... This week will be another one of those crazy weeks as the girls and I gear up for another craft show!! These little shows allow us to fund all these great learning experiences so in the long run they are worth if but boy do they make for busy days!! Here's just a few of the eggs I have been making!! I'll have them at the show or you can order them from my shop if you are interested! :)


Yeah, you could say I've been a little busy! :)

And the rest of my week will be spent finishing up more of this guy!! After months of being back ordered... I finally got my hands on more of this fur!! 

People ask me in what seems like amazement "How do you do it?".... what they don't realize is the sink stacked high with dishes and the laundry that is never ending... I don't do it all... I just juggle and hope nothing falls! lol

The Chicken Chick

Friday, March 15, 2013

Return to Nims Island- Giveaway!

 It looks like we'll be having another fun family movie night at our house tonight!! Break out the pizza (gluten free for us!) followed by popcorn and snuggles on the couch!! :) I love that there are still movies like this on television to enjoy with my kids and hope that they will remember nights like these when they are older!

Won't you join us? It's on Hallmark Channel March 15th 2013 at 7/8C!

To really make this a fun event, I am working with Walden Media & Hallmark Channel to bring you a giveaway for a Return to Nim's Island Blu-ray Combo Pack!

To Enter -All you have to do is post your results from the Discover Which Adventurer You Are Quiz in the comments section and your name will be entered to win the combo pack! Easy right? :)

A name will be randomly drawn on March 22nd! The prize will be shipped directly from Walden Media and Hallmark and will be sent via FedEx or UPS. No P.O. Boxes please.

Congrats to Hermits On the Hill!!
You are the winner!!
I will be in contact soon!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Give-a-way!

The last few months feel like a blur... I keep waiting for life to slow down but it seems that once we get over one hurtle there is another one to climb over! :) To be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way! :) It's one thing after another with toy making, homeschooling, chickens and soon to be gardening but it's our life and it's NEVER boring! :) We made it through the crazy season of Christmas bazaars and craft shows... and are heading into Easter creating for the shop and Spring craft shows that are quickly creeping up! :)

 I have been over joyed at the responses I'm getting on my Facebook page and the kind words that fans are posting about my toys so I'd like to give a little something back! I promised that when my fan page hit 1000 likes I would host a giveaway!! It is just in time for Easter! :)

My girls and I are crazy about books and love finding books about nature that we enjoy so much we want to read them over and over again! We have had this book for a few years and absolutely love the illustrations and story. We love it so much so that when we found this copy at a local library sale, I just couldn't help but buy it too! It makes me so sad to think that the library system will have one less copy of this great book but it works out for all of you because it is a nice addition for a great giveaway!!

The winner will receive this book and a little chipmunk pegdoll!

So go, enter, tell your friends and cross your fingers! The winner will be randomly chosen from Rafflecopter on March 16th! The winner will have 48 hours to respond before a second name is chosen! :) If you just can't stand the wait... this little guy is also available to purchase in my shop!

FYI-This giveaway is for US/Canada residents only. If you live out of the US/Canada I am still happy to have you win, if you don't mind paying the extra shipping! :)

Congrats to Sarah Curl! Winner of the book and pegdoll!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway