Saturday, February 14, 2009


1 ad on Craigs list for a puppy FREE
Price for said puppy $100
1 1/2 hour drive to Ft Worth and back $40
1 hour waiting in a parking lot waiting for owner of puppy....


Yesterday morning I thought for sure my stalking avaliable pets on petfinder was over. I found an ad for puppies that were just O-so-cute, gotten emails back about them and even talked to the woman on the phone. We arranged to drive into Ft Worth just as soon as Jason got home and were supposed to meet this woman to pick out a puppy! We got within a half hour of the Home Depot where we were supposed to meet (she had offered to meet us part way) and called her cell phone to only get her voice mail....we got to the packing lot, called her work number ,cell number and even emailed her but never heard from her...after an hour of sitting there we finally gave up and came home. The poor girls were SO good and SO confused! We hadn't told them why we were going only that it was going to be fun. I felt so bad and am still in shock this morning. I just can't understand what happened or why someone would do this to us. By the time we got home the ad was pulled from Craiglist and I never had heard from her again....the only thing that gives me any comfort is that obviously we weren't meant to have one of these dogs ...that and what goes around comes around right?

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Heidi's Blog said...

That stinks. Craigslist people are known for doing cruddy things like that though. I am a craigslist junky myself. It will happen though, dont lose hope on that.