Monday, April 20, 2009

Mad dash of birthdays

I have had so many moments that I've thought I would blog only to remember how far behind on blogging I am! So I've decided to just blog what's on my mind and then maybe make up some other thoughts later...

Our house has been a flurry of birthday events for weeks it seems! The girls' birthdays are only a day apart and of course they always fall on Easter weekend so we ended up having the party a week later. Everything went great and the girls seemed to have a great time with their friends but the two weeks or so leading up to it was nothing but planning on birthday stuff, working on birthday stuff and hearing "Is it my birthday yet?" "How many days till my birthday?"and eventually it was "Did you get my present done yet?"

I have always been an over achiever and I usually get in over my head and end up stressed out in a big way. This year was no different! lol I wanted so badly to have everything done in time, and for the most part I did actually get it all done! I had new name banners made for each of the girls, a crown for each of them AND new babies (with matching blankets, pillows and pjs)

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