Friday, May 29, 2009

Consumer Confusion!

What is it about the end of May that screams "Time to buy Christmas decor"? Maybe I missed something but didn't we just get thru Mother's Day and Memorial Day?

Yesterday the girls and I were at Hobby Lobby looking at the summer goodies (stepping stones, patio lights etc) when we realized they are all on clearence! Yippee! Then I discover that the isles they once occupied are empty and getting set up with fall decorations of acorns and fall colored leaves and then to my horror...fake snow was being put out on the shelves too!!! Now, most people know, I would take snow over this stinkin' hot weather any day of the year but come on people! Are we really turning into a society that is only motivated by superficial holidays? Can't we just enjoy today at face value and not constantly be looking forward to tomorrow (or 7 months from now in this instance)? I am all for planning, and yes I admit I have already started thinking about Christmas presents but that's only because in the long run, although I am a planner, I am a huge procrastinator and I have to start now or I will never get my projects finished in time! In an attempt to not let history repeat itself, I am going to try, once again, to get presents mailed and delivered on time this year but even I don't need to start buying crafts for Christmas in MAY!!!!

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Ariad said...

It's all beyond me to. A week after xmas here the sops stted displaying Eastereggs!!! We need to slow right down...