Friday, May 29, 2009

Consumer Confusion!

What is it about the end of May that screams "Time to buy Christmas decor"? Maybe I missed something but didn't we just get thru Mother's Day and Memorial Day?

Yesterday the girls and I were at Hobby Lobby looking at the summer goodies (stepping stones, patio lights etc) when we realized they are all on clearence! Yippee! Then I discover that the isles they once occupied are empty and getting set up with fall decorations of acorns and fall colored leaves and then to my horror...fake snow was being put out on the shelves too!!! Now, most people know, I would take snow over this stinkin' hot weather any day of the year but come on people! Are we really turning into a society that is only motivated by superficial holidays? Can't we just enjoy today at face value and not constantly be looking forward to tomorrow (or 7 months from now in this instance)? I am all for planning, and yes I admit I have already started thinking about Christmas presents but that's only because in the long run, although I am a planner, I am a huge procrastinator and I have to start now or I will never get my projects finished in time! In an attempt to not let history repeat itself, I am going to try, once again, to get presents mailed and delivered on time this year but even I don't need to start buying crafts for Christmas in MAY!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The evolution of a bookshelf

We have been playing musical rooms with the bedrooms again. It seems as tho I can't leave them alone for more than 6 months or so without swapping big pieces of furniture back and forth between the rooms and recreating the spaces into something new and exciting.

So....the most recent room swap has resulted in the girls losing their playroom (after many attempts to get them to clean it) and me getting a craft room! We moved the girls' beds into the bigger room so they could have their toys and such all in the same room and so I could have the smaller room for sewing, crafts etc!

Well, in the moving around, their playroom/bedroom is definitely a bit more crowded than it was before and their just wasn't a place for the newly acquired Barbie collection. I have been thinking about getting them a house of some sorts but just haven't found the right one at the right I decided to improvise!

This book shelf was one I purchase off our single neighbor in Alaska when he was moving. Janie was just a baby, or maybe not even born, and I thought it would be perfect for all of her little board books! It has served her books well but long since overflowed with her love of reading so it was time for something new!

In theory, this will be something for them to play with when I am in there sewing and can't watch them in the other room. We'll see if that all pans out but for the time being I am so excited to show them. I'm just waiting for the perfect time ! Someday I'd like for them to have a bigger one but for now this Barbie condo will have to gotta start somewhere right?
*Dori would not stay out of the picture! I guess she didn't want to miss out on all the attention! lol

Miniature Joy

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner....why not use the same patterns I use for my other toys only with a smaller hook and thin cotton yarn?! The result is pure miniature joy!
The fruit are really fairy food that I made for a Fairy swap! I am so tickled with the way they turned out and hope that the people getting them love them too!