Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Magic- Fairy Garden Contest

 Ever since I saw the Fairy contest last year over at The Magic Onions blog, I have been dying to make one too! Considering how crazy we are about fairies in our house, I thought it would be the perfect thing for us to use as a summer project and little by little we did it!! We started with an ugly flowerbed and ended up with our own little section of fairy magic in our backyard!!

So come and take a trip with us and see how it all began... :)

From this...

To this!! :)

I love how it turned out!

So we set to work on making things nice and cozy for the any fairies that might want to stop over! :) Luckily the craft store had some cute little houses for the girls to work on! :)

Here's how we got there...

I love the details that they wanted to put into these... and the time they spent making them just perfect! :) J asked me to wood burn the little circles on so she could paint it to look like a mushroom! :) Such creative girls!

                                                                                                                                                                                                   I love the time we got to spend together crafting for our little fairy village. It was good quality time, painting with my kids having great conversations and enjoying the gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer weather! :)

And we even got big brother in on the creations! :) He worked on this little sail boat and I just had to pose a picture of it in the fairy garden before he left and had to take it with him! He did leave behind a cute little crocodile that he carved and wood burned tho! :)

 And now a closer look at all the details... we are just giddy at the way it turned out!! It's been an all summer project of adding this and moving that... I think it came together nicely don't you?

We got so lucky while we were on vacation to KS, and happened in to a garden shop that had a whole section of fairy gardens and treasures to buy for them!! Oh my, I could have just bought everything!! Instead tho, we settled on tiny gravel for the walk ways and the sweet mushroom outhouse for behind the cabin! :)

And then, one sunny afternoon, the kids and I spent time on the porch being creative and I came up with this totem pole! :) We had to put a little bit of Alaskan flare in our garden just incase some Alaskan fairies stopped by! :)
The girls brought out their fairies to check out the garden too! Here's the crocodile that brother carved for them! I love the things that kids can come up with when given the chance! 

Another vacation find was this Farmers Market bird house! We were driving down the road in the middle of nowhere Nebraska when we happened on to a little town that had a Dollar General store. J was our of batteries for her game so I ran in to get some and never guessed that I would find such a cute fairy treasure!! They had a few others I would have loved to have had but as it was I didn't know where I was going to put this one! lol The car was pretty packed with the four of us and I was afraid that I might have to hold it for the rest of the trip! But, where there's a will there's a way! lol It road all the way to Washington state in the back window of that little car! Boy is my MIL a good sport! :)

Another view of our little town... 

The girls just had to have these pink flamingos over the church. They so loved that move Gnomeo and Juliet and thought it would be funny to have them kissing by the church. Their necks didn't quite make the heart like it did in the movie but it's still cute. :)

And what fairy garden/village isn't complete without a solar house?! They are very earth friendly you know!

We got this kit to build this house and thought it was perfect for the fairies. The solar panel makes the house come alive with a working door bell, siren, light and working wind mill. Or there is an option for battery power and even a hand crank generator!! It was definitely a big hit with the kids!

One last creation for the garden was this dragon! The kids all got animals to paint one day and this one just happened to make it into the garden! He may be red but he's definitely a friendly dragon.

 Thanks so much for stopping by our fairy garden. The building of it has been such a wonderful experience for us and great time spent together planing and creating. It was just one more thing that added to an other wise amazing summer of childhood fun... with a little magic along the way!

Be sure to stop by The Magic Onions and check out the other fairy gardens in the contest. There are SO many amazing gardens and so many ideas that we'll be using for next year! Enjoy!



Stephanie said...

Love it Hallie and all the details, I cannot pick a favorite but I gotta say the solar house is cleaver.

April's Homemaking said...

What a fun fairy garden, I enjoyed making a fairy garden this year and last year as well. I love all the fun items you have in your fairy garden, the solar house project looks like a lot of fun, and I really love the totem pole, how wonderful!

Carolyn said...

Absolutely adorable! I featured you today on homework. Come on by and grab a featured button. http://carolynshomework.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-inspiration-board-link-party.html

Miss Kitty said...

It was so much fun to read about "the making of" the fairy garden and the wonderful memories that were made this summer with it. I think my favorite detail out of all the wonderful details is the clever use of blue glass to make the "water" that the canoe is on. Congrats on being featured over at Carolyn's Homework blog.

Gaby said...

Super cute! We loved everything in your fairy garden :)

themagiconions said...

Hi Fairy Gardener,
Congrats on your gorgeous Fairy Garden winning the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest on The Magic Onions. We had over 150 beautiful gardens to choose from and your's was definitely one of our favorites :-)
I'm sorry I'm a little behind in getting your prize out to you. I know you might have contacted me about it in the past week or two, but I've seemed to have lost the addresses I had gathered for the winners, so would you mind sending me your address again :: vined@ymail(dot)com :: please title your email "Fairy Garden Winner - Living Crafts 2 year Subscription"
Thanks so much in joining in the fun... I hope to have you enter again next year :-)

Blessings and magic to you...
Love Donni

Albert said...

Congratulations for winning!
You deserved it, your work looks amazing!

RhondaLavender said...

Congrats Hallie! When I saw the totem pole on pinterest, I knew it was you! beautiful!