Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rhythm of the Home is LIVE!

I am venturing into something new... maybe getting back to writing more... and of course it's about crafting! lol Rhythm of the Home is a highlight of my online reading and I am always so excited for the new edition to come out! This quarter I get to be a part of it!! :) 

What a blessing this magazine is, be sure to go and check it out and enter the giveaway on their blog!!

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Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Congratulations on being featured in your fave online magazine!
How have you been since Blogtoberfest?
I just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12.

Would be so rapt if you joined us!

There’s a little giveaway too. :-)

Details here: http://isawyoudancing.blogspot.com.au/p/reverb12.html

Take care

Kat xxx