Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Magic- Fairy Garden Contest

 Ever since I saw the Fairy contest last year over at The Magic Onions blog, I have been dying to make one too! Considering how crazy we are about fairies in our house, I thought it would be the perfect thing for us to use as a summer project and little by little we did it!! We started with an ugly flowerbed and ended up with our own little section of fairy magic in our backyard!!

So come and take a trip with us and see how it all began... :)

From this...

To this!! :)

I love how it turned out!

So we set to work on making things nice and cozy for the any fairies that might want to stop over! :) Luckily the craft store had some cute little houses for the girls to work on! :)

Here's how we got there...

I love the details that they wanted to put into these... and the time they spent making them just perfect! :) J asked me to wood burn the little circles on so she could paint it to look like a mushroom! :) Such creative girls!

                                                                                                                                                                                                   I love the time we got to spend together crafting for our little fairy village. It was good quality time, painting with my kids having great conversations and enjoying the gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer weather! :)

And we even got big brother in on the creations! :) He worked on this little sail boat and I just had to pose a picture of it in the fairy garden before he left and had to take it with him! He did leave behind a cute little crocodile that he carved and wood burned tho! :)

 And now a closer look at all the details... we are just giddy at the way it turned out!! It's been an all summer project of adding this and moving that... I think it came together nicely don't you?

We got so lucky while we were on vacation to KS, and happened in to a garden shop that had a whole section of fairy gardens and treasures to buy for them!! Oh my, I could have just bought everything!! Instead tho, we settled on tiny gravel for the walk ways and the sweet mushroom outhouse for behind the cabin! :)

And then, one sunny afternoon, the kids and I spent time on the porch being creative and I came up with this totem pole! :) We had to put a little bit of Alaskan flare in our garden just incase some Alaskan fairies stopped by! :)
The girls brought out their fairies to check out the garden too! Here's the crocodile that brother carved for them! I love the things that kids can come up with when given the chance! 

Another vacation find was this Farmers Market bird house! We were driving down the road in the middle of nowhere Nebraska when we happened on to a little town that had a Dollar General store. J was our of batteries for her game so I ran in to get some and never guessed that I would find such a cute fairy treasure!! They had a few others I would have loved to have had but as it was I didn't know where I was going to put this one! lol The car was pretty packed with the four of us and I was afraid that I might have to hold it for the rest of the trip! But, where there's a will there's a way! lol It road all the way to Washington state in the back window of that little car! Boy is my MIL a good sport! :)

Another view of our little town... 

The girls just had to have these pink flamingos over the church. They so loved that move Gnomeo and Juliet and thought it would be funny to have them kissing by the church. Their necks didn't quite make the heart like it did in the movie but it's still cute. :)

And what fairy garden/village isn't complete without a solar house?! They are very earth friendly you know!

We got this kit to build this house and thought it was perfect for the fairies. The solar panel makes the house come alive with a working door bell, siren, light and working wind mill. Or there is an option for battery power and even a hand crank generator!! It was definitely a big hit with the kids!

One last creation for the garden was this dragon! The kids all got animals to paint one day and this one just happened to make it into the garden! He may be red but he's definitely a friendly dragon.

 Thanks so much for stopping by our fairy garden. The building of it has been such a wonderful experience for us and great time spent together planing and creating. It was just one more thing that added to an other wise amazing summer of childhood fun... with a little magic along the way!

Be sure to stop by The Magic Onions and check out the other fairy gardens in the contest. There are SO many amazing gardens and so many ideas that we'll be using for next year! Enjoy!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unexpected magic

As an adult, there are very few times that we happen on to something so unexpected that even we can't help but to feel the magic in the air too...

What started as a fun last minute camping trip with the kids for one last summer hoorah before my step son had to come home... The morning started off with breakfast... or as my husband likes to call the eggs "floaters" (as in floating in bacon grease lol) Of course we were thinking of our chickens even when we were away, thanks to the eggs we brought with us! ha!

The day was lazy, and unplanned... and wonderful!! There is just something wonderful about camping... no phones or tvs or expectations...I love the simplicity of the day we spent in that camp spot. Hubby and I sat watching the fire a good portion of the day, while the kids spent time playing with the new marble sets they had gotten and coloring and playing card games in the tent...

While the boys went fishing, I thought it would be fun to pull out some twine and start looking for sticks so I could start working on a little ladder that I needed for our fairy garden.... and the rest of the day took on a life of its own from there! The girls would come to me with a handful of sticks and tell me where they needed me to tie the hemp. Their little creations were just adorable and inspiring!! J made hers look like a teepee and quickly found a spot in the camp spot to set up camp for the fairies (we made some of those out of sticks and leaves too!) R's was a little harder and proved to not be as stable but boy did it get a lot of playtime anyways!! :)

After spending the entire afternoon in the camp spot, it  led to a walk with the dogs around the campground when we happened on to a bridge that led us away from the hustle and bustle of other campers...

even at the time, I thought there was something magical about that bridge...
and was amazed by the beauty of the trees on the other side. I just kept thinking that it felt as if we were walking into a fairytale... I could just picture Little Red Ridinghood jumping out across our path, or us stumbling upon a little cottage of dwarves in the trees... little did I know...

... that forest magic was in store for us too!! We were walking along the path and trying to capture the amazing trees when dh pointed out a bunch of cool looking downed trees in the wood that would be good for picture taking... We had no sooner stepped into the wooded area when we all saw this view of what looked to be art work in a tree...

I remember thinking that this had to be a set up, this couldn't really be happening to us... to find a FAIRY HOUSE in the wood by chance!? What are the odds of this!!! ? And then right next to it we found another creation...

and then to the next tree on the left....
...At this point, I think we all scattered... hopping over fallen trees, creeping around these forest giants... finding fairy creations at every turn!!

If there really were fairies in the area, the squeels that came from us were sure to scare them off for sure! lol The chatter that followed was just contagious and I must admit that I found the entire experience to be quite magic and totally unexpected... the chance of a lifetime!! I find myself remembering that feeling of happening on to those creations, and wonder who exactly put them there, fairy or human... either way it doesn't really matter... I just wish I could tell them thank you... that was a moment that my girls and I will remember for a lifetime....

So the next morning, we all decided to add to the wonder for the next person that happens to stumble onto them...

... and just watching them, father and daughter building this structure for the fairies held a bit of magic to it too. He tries to be such a tough guy sometimes but you could tell that he was enjoying the magic of it all too. The wonder in the girls' eyes was priceless!

When it was time to leave the magic behind, I felt like we should tip toe... like if we were quiet enough we might just see the fairies fluttering back to their buildings, to inspect the one we left or to peak out around the trees at us... I half expected to hear tiny little voices laughing thru the woods... I found myself walking away backwards... afraid to miss one more touch of unexpected magic...

Monday, July 23, 2012

What's in the Bible Olympics

I don't know about you, but we are getting super excited for the summer Olympics!! I have been planning fun activities for us to do to learn more about London and the sports that we'll be watching and then What's in the Bible goes and makes it even easier for us to have fun right along the Olympics!!

 They created their very own Summer Olympics Family Fun Pak.

The pack includes an activity for each day of the Olympics including coloring pages, Olympic Bingo, verses, an Interview Your Parents sheet, make your own medals, and so much more. 

They are offering this download for free AND also giving away a Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize which includes the entire Old Testament set from What's in the Bible?, a portable DVD player, an outdoor game set, and a $25 gas card.  How cool is that?!

Go enter to win HERE and get your free download too!!

And don't forget, you can save 20% off your purchase of the What's in the Bible dvds by clicking HERE!!!  :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's in the Bible again

In case you haven't read my review, here's a second chance to! :) We started out with just the first DVD and have since added to our collection and yet the girls are still asking for more!! I'm surprised they haven't worn them out to be honest and surprisingly I haven't even gotten tired of hearing them!! If they are going to be watching tv, why not be learning about the Bible at the same time!! The kids are entertained AND learning?! It's a win win!!

 Want to try them out? Click here and save 20%!!!! These really are GREAT shows!! (And buy clicking on this link to purchase them YOU save AND help us earn more dvds! Another WIN WIN!!)