Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rhythm of the Home is LIVE!

I am venturing into something new... maybe getting back to writing more... and of course it's about crafting! lol Rhythm of the Home is a highlight of my online reading and I am always so excited for the new edition to come out! This quarter I get to be a part of it!! :) 

What a blessing this magazine is, be sure to go and check it out and enter the giveaway on their blog!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A great deal for gifts! :)

A dimes worth of entertainment

As I've shared with you before, the craft show season is upon us and boy have I ever been BUSY!! Sorry I've been pretty non-existent in blog land lately. My days are starting to run together big time! lol I now have two small shows and a big one under my belt with another BIG show this weekend and two small ones to finish off the season! So needless to say, I've been spending some quality time with my sewing machine and wood burner. My daughter has even been getting in on some sewing of her own but that is for another post. :)

A few weeks ago, we set up at a adult community center. It was our first time going there and the two days we were there it rained buckets pretty much the entire time the sale was going on. I don't know if it was the rain that kept people away or if they just weren't in the mood for holiday shopping yet, but let me tell you that was a looooong two day show with very little sales to show for it. I will admit, that after day one I was in a terrible mood and wondered what I had gotten myself in to. But then, on the flip side, I really enjoyed getting to visit with the older ladies (and a few gentlemen too) from within our community. DH was away hunting so I had both of the girls with me the entire time and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I was of how they acted those two days. They enjoyed flitting from one table to another visiting with people, and when it was slow, they entertained themselves (And anyone else watching) while they played with their horses out in the middle of the floor. Dispight my first day of a rotten mood, the second day came as a reminder that it's not always what it seems... looking back, my sales that weekend weren't great (ok they were pretty terrible) but the joy that we got back from visiting and making some new friends came back to us so much more... One of the things that helped to pass the time was a booth set up right near us. Our new friend was set up not for her own personal gain, but to raise money for Christmas presents for children in area hospitals. She sold bracelets and music cds and these wonderful glass bottles....

The bottles are stuffed full of birdseed, FUN little trinkets and one little ol' dime.... that you then have to try and find in the bottle... and let me tell you... it's not as easy as it seems!! But boy is it addictive trying! :)

The bottles that she makes to sell are made from recycled syrup bottles but I asked if she could make one in a plastic bottle so I could send it to my Gram without fear of it being dropped and broken. On day number two of the show, she brought everything to make the bottle there and helped the girls put it together with them!! They were over the moon and I was SO touched that she would put so much effort into it for my Gram. There were lots of little trinkets but there were two that were extra special.... a little red heart because we were all putting out love into that bottle  and a little cross charm so that she would always know that God is always with her. To top it off, she had us all put our hands on the bottle while she said a little prayer... that brought me to tears...I am continuously surprised by the wonderful little things that people do and think of to be thoughtful and how you can literally SEE God in some people. I could almost feel God shining down His favor on us that dark and gloomy day as we sat at the craft show. It wasn't just about selling puppets, but about making connections and friends that will last much longer than that bazaar did. :) It was definitely more than a dimes worth of entertainment! :)