Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As many of you know, when I learn something new I tend to get consumed by it! I have tried to crochet things for years and they jsut never seemed to turn out and then I found a pattern for the cutest little babydoll and had to give it one more go if it....For once the doll turned out just how it was supposed to and was easiy enough I even made one for each of the girls! lol And that was how the obsession began!

Now I have moved on to making diaper soakers and my favorite thing these days is play food! Little by little I am replacing the made in China plastic crap with wooden or handmade crochet food and Janie LOVES it! These eggs are awaiting two little girls to find them in eggs on Easter morning and so is this little carrot! I can't wait to hear Janie's reaction!

I am also big into freecycle, a group on yahoo that was put together to avoid putting what might be another person's treasures into a landfill. It has bee na great resource for not only cleaning out our over stuffed house but for getting items that we could use too! Just this morning I met a lady who had 14 skiens of yarn in need of a good home! I was happy to take them and Janie is already putting in her orders and earmarking the different colors for things she wants me to make! I'm glad she has such high ideas as to my ability but talk about pressure! lol For now, I am just enjoying my new found love of crocheting and taking advantage of the little bit of quiet time I get to make the girls surprises when I next challenge will be figuring out Etsy so I can try to maybe make some extra money selling my creations! I always have to be reaching for the next level of success...


Shelley W. said...

Too cute!! I wish I could do stuff like that... I have tried, but it wasn't my thing! Now, I have a Knifty Knitter and I can do that.... look for my Waldo Hat on my BLOG! Shelley~

Robin said...

Ahhhh I'm so glad you were able to run with it!! They look fab.

So sorry to hear about Koda; your mom told me. I know exactly how you feel. Hand in there and you'll all be in our prayers.

I didn't know you had a blog! I happened to check in on my myspace (which I rarely do!) and found the link there.

Keep in touch!
Robin et al