Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We have just returned from one of those outings that I hope the girls will remember for a long time, even if it's only in pieces. The trip had this feeling about it that I don't know if I'll explain correctly but to me felt like one of those Americana, very basic road trips...four people smashed into a tiny car (my little red Sunfire gets great gas mileage!), with no CD player and two very impatient kids! It was only a 6 hour drive but with no DVD player and only ancient cassette tapes to listen to it made for an interesting afternoon. Nonetheless, I had warm fuzzy as I looked at my little family making it all work and having fun along the way.

We went to San Antonio to visit an old friend of mine and her new baby and then took advantage of free tickets to Sea World! The weekend went by so fast but it was wonderful to see her again and to actually get the girls out for something fun to do. The crowds were a bit suffocating and I still would have rather gone fishing/camping but for Texas fun it was a good time! Now we'll see how they do on the bigger road trip.... lol This should be interesting!

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