Thursday, April 24, 2008

A State of Mind

I have been really making a contious effort to find the good in each day, and in this state. It's no secret that Texas is not my favorite place to be but for the time being it is home so we have to embrace it! One of my regular sayings is that we might as well see the sites in Texas now cause you know we won't be coming back! lol

Today was one of those days that makes our stay here a bit more tolerable. We got to go with friends to pick strawberries! Yes, it would probably be cheaper to just wait for a good sale at the grocery store but this is one of those experiences that Alaska doesn't offer us. The girls loved getting to taste test and I got to take a ton of pictures! (Go figure!)

After going berry picking, we went to one of our favorite stops- the base thrift store! Along with many great deals (I'll write about another time) I was looking thru the baby clothes and came across a tie-die shirt...with the Alaska Grown logo on front!!! I instantly got a big lump in my throat and felt giddy about my find. My friend made a comment that it wasn't true and I looked at her in total confusion. I just didn't get it. Then it clicked in that she was saying Rori isn't Alaska grown! I went from confusion to anger (nothing against my friend tho). Of course she is Alaskan....her birth certificate may say Texas on it but we do not belong here. That's when I decided that it's just a state of mind...our hearts belong to Alaska...including those born elsewhere!

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