Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Wall-E Christmas

Ever since we saw the movie Wall-E at the movies, I swear I have seen the world thru a different light. For the most part, Wall-E is a slightly exaggerated tale of what our lives as humans are becoming in a world of bigger is better, faster is easier and convenience at all cost is just a way of life.
The moral of that story was thundering thru my head today as we went to the mall for some last minute shopping with family. What were we thinking!? I have never in all my life felt so uncomfortable in a crowd of people! Honestly, I felt a bit snobby, which was probably really terrible on my part but I just couldn’t help it…All these people were walking thru the mall like a herd of cattle, occasionally breaking away from the pack to buy yet another gift that didn’t mean enough for them to buy it prior to five days before Christmas. When I complained about this thought to my husband he said that some people think that is part of the holiday thrill, to search last minute for that “perfect” gift but I just don’t know. …I have been obsessing over the perfect gifts since June!
I struggle with this every year, yes I want my kids to feel the magic of the season but I don’t think it should break the bank (or spirit) by buying a bunch of “stuff” just for the sake of buying stuff. The kids don’t care if the toys are fancy or expensive. I started getting things for the kids back in June and when all was said and done I think I spend about $40 a piece on them- but you wouldn’t know it to see the packages under our tree (or rather in the back of the truck). My favorite place to find that “perfect present” is a huge moving sale or our local thrift store. I know some people would think that is terrible but it allows us to do more with our kids rather than buy more things to throw at them. It is driving Janie mad trying to figure out what her “big box” is…. Little does she know it is full of about $150 worth of Littlest Pet shop toys that I collected for her for about $16!!! Christmas morning will come and she isn’t going to think twice that they aren’t new. They are ready to play with and won’t take forever to get out of the theft proof packaging…
I know my views can be a bit strong, and I hope that anyone reading this isn’t offended. I know that not everyone can live their lives the same, that’s what makes us all so interesting but I do think we could all do for some improvement. If I can make one person think twice about something, my writings have been worth it. I have a number of blog “friends” whom I have never met but in my mind they are my friends and I respect their views and have learned SO much from them. Modern technologies do have some advantages….


Michele said...

I totally agree. Unfortunately, whatever I buy at garage sales, I end up giving them way before Christmas. That's a great idea though! As far as being used, hey, nothing a little bleach or run in the dishwasher won't clean! I LOVE pre-owned/pre-loved stuff!

Renee said...

Hallie, I used to buy things at garage sales but felt guilty, now I don't feel so guilty. Thank You.