Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy day

It is on days like this that I love taking joy n the simple things...cozy stor time with my girls, warm cloths and childrens' chatter on a snow walk and hot chocolate to warm up to upon oour return...

Some of our best conversations happen when I least expect it... while walking J asked me why God decided to make it snow so much today...I told her I wasn't sure but that I'd like to think it was his way of telling us to slow down and not do so much. She tilted her head and replied "Ya, we just needed snow day". Oh how I love that girl!! We had a such a great walk, if only the snow could stay and help us slow down just one more day! lol

1 comment:

the hermits on the hill said...

Are you putting moose turds into the girls' hot chocolate again? LOL I thought we got you to stop. Ü