Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall into Reading!

This time of year is such a wonderful time. I know each season has it's "perks" but the fall for some reason seems to have more...I don't know if it's just because there are so many celebrations all in a row or if it's simply because, thanks to Mother Nature, we have to slow down a bit? What ever the cause, we are SO enjoying a true's been many years since I've gotten to enjoy such a fall, a real fall...In Alaska we just kinda skipped over fall for winter and in Texas we had summer that lasted thru two seasons and jumped into winter eventually so this transition of the seasons has been a wonderful time for us all! Apple picking, pumpkin painting and fall related reading galore!! These are just a few of what we've been reading!

The pictures in this book are enchanting...this one is going on our list to purchase for sure. It takes you thru the months of the year and shares the sweetest celebrations and other goings on...the girls really enjoyed this one!

Another must have book goes onto our list! This book of a wife doing all this crazy stuff getting ready for winter while the husband sits in his chair exhausted had the girls giggling throughout the story! I am a sucker for detailed pictures and this one was a great crowd pleaser!

As with most of these books, we got this one at the library...J is so sad to see it go back that I think I am going to have to order it ASAP! We so enjoyed the story of how September introduced Christopher to all the "characters" of fall and the feeling of mischief we felt as his new friends sent him on a wild goose chase for his beloved ball. Again, it's all about the artwork for me and these old fashioned drawings just sucked me in...I can't wait to add this one to our collection!

This book was a fun one to read...with a teacher who liked to rhyme and say the wrong words to keep the children guessing! The girls got a kick out of it and we really enjoyed reading it!

I have been enjoying the posts of Learning with Mouse for some time now but hadn't taken the leap to post what we've been reading yet...well, our list of great books keeps growing and it seems so wrong not to share it with everyone! Some of these we have discovered from other bloggers and some we've found just by spending time at the library or our local thrift stores! So for this week I am sharing these fall/harvest/apple/pumpkin related books we've been finding and the crafts and activities we did to go along with it! Be sure to go to her site and check out what they've been reading too!

The great fall crafts seem to be never ending!!! We are so enjoying the crafts but I can't take credit for thinking them up! Check out the sites I've been following an be sure to let them know I sent you! :)

I'm running out of time for all these great crafts but wanted to share them incase you find the time! :)

Our Homeschool Fun- Milk jug jack-o-lanterns

Making memories with your Kids Milk Jug Ghosts

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Thank you for joining WMCIR with these great picks! We just discovered Tasha Tudor, as we read Pumpkin Moonshine last week. I have to look for Keeping Time now - it sounds very interesting.