Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast...

yep...we are definately settling into our new surroundings. We have found our local library (and LOVE IT!), made many a visit to the quilt shop in town (now if only I had time to sew the fabric that is piling up!lol) and we found our local thrift store...those are the true signs that we are getting comfortable and braving the new area we call our stomping ground! lol

While I still miss our old haunts...the Goodwill just off the freeway, the spouses thriftshop on base and the antique store downtown....we are finding new favorite places...the kind of places that make a place feel like home....

We have made a number of visits to this particular thriftstore and have found treasures everytime but for some reason I felt compelled to share our finds with you this time... Keep in mind, my total came to a mere $7 and change!! Gotta love that kind of bargain!

A new fairy story, Lands End shoes for J, yarn that I had just been looking for at the store but they were out of! and the cutest little camel...bought for pattern making but got quickly whisked away to the fairy house!

Readers for J that were obviously from a library...if these were in the thrift store, just what are kids reading these days? I'll take a vintage book over the junk they make now anyday! :)

More books...cause you know we need them! lol NOT!
Clothes pins and ribbon for a project I have planned (having them already painted will save me time! woo hoo!) and these BEAUTIFUL potholders!! There was a huge stack of them and they are simply wonderful!!! The ones on the left are for me (and I use them daily) and another set I gave to a friend...which leaves the third set for one of you!!
Mandatory entry- Just leave a comment telling me your favorite second hand find and what you'll be baking to go along with these potholders!! Easy right?
Want extra chances? Become a follower (or remind me already are) and let me know (+1)
Blog about it and let me know (+1)
These pot holders are new... when I saw the pile sitting there it made me sad...I could just picture some little old lady making these, perhaps making a ton of them and having them pile up in her closet or something and upon her passing, her ungreatful children just dumping them at a dumpster for the thift store...so I bought three sets (wishing I'd bought more now)...later I found out that some ladies from the senior center donated them which made me feel so much better that some ol' granny hadn't been unappreciated but I still bought them just the same! lol They are so thick and work wonderful! I hope you'll enter to win a set too!!
I'll throw all the entries in a hat (literally) and draw a name out on Saturday, Oct 9th (my little bros birthday!).
Oh, and if you look closely in the last picture, you'll see a sneak peak of a little guy I've been working on for a swap with Bits of Goodness! Lots of creative juices flowing and ideas for Christmas coming...couldnt' we have a few more hours in the day? :)


Robin said...

<3 them! I have some that my grandma crocheted and they are treasured {but I use them daily also lol}. It's so cool of the nursing home ladies to make them for the thrift.
Our thrift kinda sucks but I found a brand new Where the Wild Things Are plushie Wild Thing Moishe doll for .50c - I've been holding onto it for years and now Mady grabs it when we read the book, which is one of her favs. I'll use the potholders for Jer's fav cornmeal crust pizza. lol. {I don't really bake}
Thanks for such a nice giveaway!
Love ya!

Robin said...

I'm a follower!

Robin said...

I blogged.

Cory said...

my favorite second hand find is the slide i got for my kids at a garage sale
mychancetowin at gmail dot com

the hermits on the hill said...

All of my stuff is wearing out so could really use them when I get to cook a real meal in the oven.

the hermits on the hill said...

I'm already a follower. Ü

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

My fave items from second hand stores are dishes. I love how just seeing something that my grandmother had in her kitchen in one of these stores sends the memories flooding back. :) Hopefully I'll be baking up some pies for the holidays.
PS I came here via Robin.

newmommiez at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I had to re-read this post 3 times because I thought you had made them.

Anonymous said...

Following... which I thought I already was... weird.

Kristin said...

Hi, Stopping by from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. Following you now.