Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Days till cute eating!

I wrote to you just a few days ago about the giveaway over at Bentobloggy and how I just couldn't help myself from ordering some cuteness of my own! Well... I have to tell you... this is definately going to be an ongoing addiction! I ordered my goodies on a Saturday night and they arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday!!! How cool is that!!? The girls are just giddy  about the cute items we got and can't wait to try them out!! Wouldn't you know it tho, R has been feeling under the weather so we didn't get to go pick up our fresh eggs!!! She is feeling a bit better today so we are going to venture out and got some so we can get cooking with our new "toys"!!

If you don't have children, these probably seem a bit silly. I know DH thought I was a bit nuts for getting carrot cutters (but come on, flower shaped carrot coins are too stinkin' cute!) and the girls thought they were so cool that they ate a small bowl of flower carrots and thought it was the cutest snack!! What ever it takes right? :)

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Robin said...

Love them! :)
And that WAS fast sheesh! :)