Sunday, February 6, 2011

A cute collection for better eating!

Last night I happened onto this blog and fell in love with all their ideas! The one that hasn't left my mind all day tho, I'm afraid is going to be to blame for my newest obsession!!! Have you ever heard of Bento? I know I hadn't but boy am I enjoying learning about it! Little containers, and nifty kitchen gadgets geared to making lunch fun... sounds like a definite hit in my house! So I quickly went looking for stores so I could get my hands on those little egg molds! And then, as if that wasn't enough, another fellow blogger wrote this!!! I think it was a sign don't you? :)

In an effort to get entered in a giveaway over at Bentobloggy, I went and checked out the store that they linked to.... boy oh boy am I in trouble!!! :) I now have an order of goodies that I just can't wait to get my hands on! Not only was the selection AMAZING but the shipping wasn't bad either! So, go check out the give away and just try to resist all the cuteness!! :) I bet you'll be in just as much trouble as I am !!!


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Hi Hallie! You won our My Father's Hands giveaway hosted on One Small Change. I could not find your email anywhere...can you email me so we can sort out details
thanks and congrats!

Sandra said...

Hi there!
I don't even remember how I came to your blog, but I share the same new obsession about Bento things. I found bunch of things on Ebay - check it out, you can find some really good deals ;)