Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Memories

Scholastic and SeaWorld have come together to celebrate Inspiring Family Connections!  One grand prize winner will be given a trip to the Sea World of their choice!! Below is my entry and you can enter too!! But do tell, which Sea World would you pick? I think it would be San Diego for me! How exciting that would be!!

When we found out that we were being relocated from Texas to Washington state we knew our family was in for an adventure. What we didn't realize was just how big that adventure was going to be!
 We put our house on the market expecting it to take awhile, only to get an offer and sell it within 5 days!! That was in March and we couldn't leave the state until July! The days that followed are honestly a blur... but when it was all said and done, we had bought a travel trailer and were living in it with two small children, two cats and a large husky!! Talk about an adventure!
 We found ourselves having to make due with very little in the way of "things" and more in the way of last minute quality time with friends we would be leaving soon. There were extra park days, more packages of bubbles than I care to count, BBQs both at the travel park and at friends houses, swimming and water balloon fights, the list could go on and on. We spent our weekends making last minute memories in a state we could never truly explore in detail but those last minute road trips were priceless. For the first time since I was a kid, the summer really felt like summer. It was kind of like a break from reality and we just had to make the most of it. The time I spent with my girls in that tiny little trailer is something I will treasure for the rest of the life and I hope that when they are grown up with kids of their own they will get the chance to do the same... just to BE with their kids. It's not about the fancy game systems or the big flashy vacation destinations its about the time we spend together. A year later and we are still talking about the night we grilled steak and had friends over for one last visit. It was a magical night of chalk drawings and hoola hoops with friends who will be friends for the rest of our lives.
 Those 12 weeks in a small space could have turned out to be terrible but for us it helped us to simplify and enjoy the little things like new friends at the travel parks and new sites on the trip north. Late night games and early morning walks made the summer great. There was nothing fancy about our summer but in my mind we created golden memories for our girls to remember for years to come.

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