Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Counting our blessings....

How do you count your blessings?

Is it based on the things you have; cars, toys and electronics? Is it based on the amount of friends you have on FB or followers on your blog? Or maybe it's based on the amount of great deals you get after standing in line for hours at the store?

The last two weeks has been full of counting our blessings around here. We made our yearly trip to visit family for hunting season,after surviving a very hectic period of crazy work schedules and a two day long craft show. We started the trip by being blessed with gas money from the craft show. Really.... such a big blessing!!

 The longest trip Linus had ever been on was to go camping so I was a bit nervous! He was SO good!!

The trip was beautiful but we arrived only to get hit with a terrible cold front, blowing wind that cuts right thru you and elk that just weren't cooperating. Being separating from hubby for six days ended up with nothing for the freezer. :(  But the time we got to spend with family and friends was the real blessing. My husband got to spend some quality time with one of his best friends from high school while the girls and I got to spend quality time with my inlaws.

 The Princess and the Pea was wonderful!!

I think that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Not only did we arrive safely and got to stay with dear friends en-route but we got to experience snow (our all time favorite!!), good visits with family and a few trips to Hobby Lobby! lol The girls and I even got to attend a musical at my husband's old high school!! lol Again, sometimes blessings come in small unexpected packages... and sometimes they come on planes all the way from Kansas to surprise us!!!  But, I'm getting ahead of myself!!

DH and I took advantage of the opportunity to sneak out for a movie while we had a babysitter ( a VERY rare occurrence in our house!) and got to see one of THE best movies I think I have ever seen.... Courageous! If you haven't seen this movie, you really should try to seek it out... I think every parent, Christian and person in general should see this movie... we all need to be a little more Courageous!!

 These little guys are heading to Hawaii but you can order yours thru my shop! :)

And now, back to that plane load of family from Kansas!!! I was enjoying a quiet day with no plans other than some wood burning (for a huge special order) and the girls were enjoying the chance to catch up on Disney shows.... needless to say, we were also enjoying a late morning in our pjs!!! WELL.... my dear MIL had said that she had to go in to work for a few hours so we were in no hurry to get around and start the day.... when all of a sudden.... she pulled up along with my SIL and out popped the heads of ALL of our family from Kansas!! They had all worked it out to come from Kansas, a college in Tennesee and New Mexico to surprise us for Thanksgiving!!! Surprise us they did and I have never gotten dressed faster! lol

While the time seemed to fly, it was also so full of new memories and funny stories... and of course FOOD!! :) Isn't it funny how certain things just taste better when eaten with certain people!? lol Jason's aunt even brought us our favorite goodies from KS, coffee and homemade snacks that we always SOO enjoyed at her house!! For a few short days, we had a house full of family around us and more fun that I can possibly describe.... We are so very blessed  in all the big and small ways... in all the ways that matter....

How do you count your blessings?

One last blessing.... two deer will be going in our freezer for the winter! :) So very thankful!!

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