Thursday, November 17, 2011

A creative success!

Here's a peak of my table at the craft show last weekend! It was cold and blustery outside but that didn't seem to slow the shoppers down!  It was warm and cozy inside and definately full of Christmas cheer! I kept pretty busy throughout the two days, so much so that I forgot to take more pictures!! The lodge we were set up in was just beautiful!! I so wish I would have captured it! I guess I'll just have to do it again next year! :)

By the end of the two days, my stock was pretty well picked over but I was excited at how my toys were received!  I came home with a lot less toys than I went with and a few orders for more that I need to make before Christmas! :) 

I sold a bunch of my peg dolls too!! I only came home with a hand full of them but am happy to take orders for more! :) I've actually been working on orders today! :)

The highlight of my day was when one of the other vendor's little boys  came over to show me his sketch pad!! He had been drawing my monster puppets!!!


Anonymous said...

these are wonderful!

KathyB. said...

I thought it was fun to watch the expressions on the faces of children & adults as they passed your table full of smiling puppets. :)