Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simplicity unexpected

It’s funny how a simple thing like electricity going out can cause what feels like chaos in a house hold. The mad dash for flashlights, the digging in junk drawers for matches, the occasionally tripping over a much confused dog or two… lol  In the 30 minutes or so that its been out already, I’ve found my mind racing to figure out how we will manage without it and coming up fairly empty on answers.  Our dinner was about half cooked, but not warmed enough to eat and after a bit of digging we have a nice warm glow coming from the candles we have placed around the house.  I do find it funny all the little things that the girls keep asking if they work…. If I turn on the night light in the bathroom will it work? Why can’t we watch a show? Will you make me something to eat? Lol

IF you’ve watched the news at all, you know that the Pacific Northwest has been getting hit with one heck of a snow storm, on top of snow storm and yet another snowstorm! And now we await the freezing rain that's on its way! We have been finding it fairly comical to watch the news and see the reports of people who clearly weren’t using their heads while they were driving (SLOW DOWN!), or should have just been staying home all together.

Having spent time in Alaska, this little break from the rainy norm has been a welcomed diversion! Even our dog (who is an Alaskan husky) is in pure joy over the 10-12 inches of goodness that fell over night. She was literally like a kid in a candy store when she plowed out passed the girls to race them to the snow first! Lol

It’s times like this that  we are forced to slow down and re-group… it shows us how programmed we are to something we’ve come to depend on entirely too much!  I think back to pioneer days and what they must have felt when the sun went down and the lights grew dim. It’s no wonder they were early to bed and early to rise! Lol I have candles scattered all over and it still seems as tho the dark will swallow us up. It’s kind of funny just thinking that I am sitting here in the dark typing this out on my laptop! Typing out my thoughts are just so much easier than handwriting it and scratching out mistakes and such. Plus it would be an adventure in itself if I were to go in hunt of a notebook at the moment!! lol

 Lego play by candlelight! :)

Of course, it doesn’t help that our house runs completely on electricity, and that the only fireplace we have also plugs into the wall!! Ah, the joys of being renters! Blah!  We are starting to feel the temperature in the house drop and the layers are coming out. Our trusty knit slippers and cozy robes are coming to the rescue for now but to be honest I’m not sure how we’ll manage long term. DH ran into town to fill up the propane tanks (I do believe I remember mentioning about that a few days ago! I’m not one to say I told you so tho! Lol)  If it gets too bad we could go out in the camping trailer and stay warm that way plus I’d have the stove to be able to cook on out there. Hot water might come in handy… oh wait! We have very little bottled water! Ok, maybe I need to make a list of things we need to have on hand or rethink in case this happens again!! Lol  I guess we’ll just have to go find some clean snow out there!   Oh the adventure!

FYI- The power ended up being out for about 10hours... so we layered up and added a few blankets to the bed and snuggled in for the night! :) The list of survival gear to have has grown tho... will be saving for a small generator! :) Last night makes me think of this song... it's one of my favors... just picture two adults, two kids, a cat and a jack russell under a feather down comforter! ha!

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