Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of the girls

There is nothing in the world worse than being a little girl who is excluded. There is just something about belonging that is so important to the life of a little girl and being left out, or not welcomed into a group is just one of those things that is so hard to understand. Heck, it's still a hard thing to swallow as a grown adult! We all just need to be accepted, and loved and .... wanted....

As I write this my heart is over flowing to the point of almost bringing tears to my eyes... while it's not at someone else's house, my girls are having their first "sleep over" just down stairs from where I am sitting. They had their nails painted, and tiny details added to their nails, wore fun pjs and joined their cousin and her cousin in a "sleep over" including juice, popcorn and a movie of their choice! Sleeping Beauty it is! :) My girls were just beside themselves with giddy giggling as they pulled their sleeping bags into the living room. They just adore these older cousins who are 16 and 20. They think it's just so awesome to do anything at all with these cousins and the fact that they were invited and included just means so much.... I don't think the older girls realize how special this is to the girls and I'm pretty sure they don't know how much it is  appreciated by me. Being a homeschool mom means that they are with me ALOT, and being a military family means we live far from family. So these little moments are all the more special and all the more cherished. Our visit is quickly coming to an end as we have to start packing up the car tomorrow for our long drive home... I'm so glad to have been able to come on this trip and so thankful for all the wonderful memories our girls were a part of! :)

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