Monday, September 24, 2012

Fiber and Friends

I am continually amazed by the friends that God brings into my life. Sometimes it feels as tho it was just by chance that I met someone at the park, or thru another friend or in this case at our old church. I know that it is never just by chance, and really don't know why I am so surprised when it happens... I know that He has a plan but sometimes I am just not very patient. :) I will forever be greatful for that summer night at church when we were there for a potluck. My eyes were quickly drawn to a gal sitting at a table with her spinning wheel at her side. I  walked up and asked my friend (who was sitting next to her) to introduce us! Shortly after, I met a few other ladies that also spin and thanks to them, I am learning to spin with my treasured thriftstore find! :)

Last week, we all got together at that friend's home to spin and to add another mom to the list that is wanting to learn! I really feel bad for people that don't think God is watching out for them. He is such a loving god that He thinks of even the littlest detail... for me it is fiber and friends!


Rocket is just the sweetest tiniest little thing!! He seemed to like me (or rather liked hiding from the rowdy kids next to me!) but I was so afraid of hitting him wit the peddle! lol

Even when I am spinning, I can't help but stop to take a few pictures! They were just too cute sitting there together, I couldn't help it! lol

And finally, I have something to show for my work at the wheel. It's not pretty but it's mine!! My first yarn... it only gets better from here right?! :)

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