Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creations ...

My name is Hallie and I am a wood burning addict.... lol

That's what I feel like these days... I get up when hubby goes to work and by 6 I am working on another wooden toy creation and laughing at myself for enjoying it so much!! lol

This little guy is for a swap with BitsofGoodness. I so enjoy these swaps... you could say they are addicting too! :) Anyways, this little guy is hanging out on the play mat I made R a few years ago and he comes with three little discs to help him plant his garden: row marker for carrots, seed packet and shovel!

When you flip them over, you find his garden has grown! There are carrots, tomatoes and a bunny! What garden isn't complete without a bunny competing for the vegetables? :)

And to make him ready for travel, they all fit in this little bag! :)

Not a part of any toy swaps? I made one extra and he's just waiting in my shop for a new home! :)

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Hinterland Mama said...

Such a sweet idea! I'm sure I know a number of children that would just love him and his garden.
I am hoping you are able to send me an email soon, regarding my recent Giveaway. I don't seem to be able to find your email address to contact you directly.