Monday, August 8, 2011

Not your average pharmacy...

Giggle, giggles, giggling...

I just asked my daughter what she thought we could do to gear up for the fall and the germs we are sure to come in contact with at group events in the near future... her answer? Apples, carrots and cucumbers! lol I know, not exactly what you had in mind right? lol But there is some truth in that and I'm glad to know that she has actually been listening to some of the things I have been trying to teach her! lol

Although I know that we are just getting our first real taste of summer here in the Pacific northwest, we are also well aware of the fact that fall will be upon us before we know it, and with the start of school and more outings will also bring the contact with more flu bugs and colds... ugh! I know this first hand as I think I picked something up from my week long fun at VBS! :) My day yesterday and today has consisted of many of the things on my list below... and on day two now, I am starting to feel much better!!

To help ward off yuck in our house, you won't find me running to Walmart to buy a bottle of magic potion to clear to my head but rather some good ol' fashioned home remedies, or in my opinion, common sense stuff. Even my girls know our "go to" things for building up our immune systems and for flushing out the yuck if we happen to get it... here's just a few of the things we consider must haves in our house!

1. Tea- I have read that a cup of hot drink will help wash away some germs before they have a chance to make you sick. We are huge fans of all sorts of teas and it makes for some great chatting time with my girls in the mean time. When we do happen to get sick, our first go to tea is Cold Care

2. Netting Pot- Ever since I saw this on Oprah a few years ago, this has been a staple in our house! My daughter started using it when she was 2!!! As soon as a nose starts getting stuffy in our house, or even when we just know the allergines are high... we all go straight for it!! My husband was skeptical but even he is on board now.

3. Vitamin D- This is one of our preventatives...Good for your immune system along with elderberry syrup and homemade black berry cordial!

4. Vinegar!-Are you aware of the healing qualities it has? Just a little bit diluted in a pan of water is our number one cold remedy... just warm it up in a pan and breath in the steam!! You'll smell like a salad but boy will you feel better!

5. More tea :)

6. chicken soup- That's pretty much a given right?

7. warm pillows/ heating pads/ hats.... I am a firm believer in staying warm. Keeping your body heat in with something as simple as gloves, a scarf and hat will help your body not have to work so hard and keep the natural body temp in!

8. Fresh Juice! (hence her answer of apples, carrots and cucumbers!)

9. Clorox wipes... for door handles, phones, computer keys and anywhere else little fingers might touch!

10. and last but not least REST!!! Why push it and take the chance of sharing your nasty cold with someone else or even worse, catching something worse yourself while your defenses are down!!

In addition to these, there are the obvious preventative things like taking the time to get your eyes checked on a regularly basic. ...

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Maureen Olsen said...

I love home remedies!!! I also love that my girls have never had a pill/drug of any kind. I will have to look into the neti pot.