Friday, February 7, 2014

Mom's Night Out movie review

It's not very often that we go to the movies in our house. It's just not something that we put very high on the priority list and I certainly don't get to do it very often with just fact, its not really very often that I do ANYTHING with just girlfriends. It's not that I don't have them (although I am known to have a pitty party for myself occasionally and think that I am going solo on this insanity ride of motherhood) because when I really think about it... I have some great ones. My problem is the location of my closest friends ranges from sea to shining sea and some are so far away we have continents between us. And lets face it, as moms we just don't take the time for ourselves. We do so much for everyone else. Between the laundry and dishes, and making sure there are lunches packed and carpets vacuumed, food made for church potlucks and tutu's made for dance recitals... we don't have much more to give... especially to ourselves...

When I got the email for a chance to go to an early screening of the new movie "Mom's Night Out "coming to theaters May 9th, I didn't even care that it was on a week night or that we had to drive over an hour north (something I usually avoid like the plague). I called the first friend I could think of and we made it a plan to have our own MNO!  Woo hoo! :)

It's amazing how much we all need a bit of time to ourselves... and I'm not talking about those stolen moments of hiding in your bedroom reading a book for a few moments out of the day (yes I am guilty of this) or the few second of quiet you *should* get behind the closed door of a bathroom (usually with people knocking at the door or little fingers coming in under it!)... I'm talking about getting to have adult conversations, Relaxing in a chair without someone climbing on you. Eating a meal that you don't have to cut up for someone else or share with a picky eater.

Sitting there in the dark theater with my good friend and a big thing of nachos (cause lets face it, I had dinner ready for the family but ran out of time to feed myself!) the movie began to roll and I felt like it was playing a view of my life... only with the charming actress Sara Drew playing me! I mean it, it was kind of scary the things that were like me, right down to her sitting at the computer to write her blog and finding she suddenly had nothing to say....

This movie was a breath of fresh air to say the least! I honestly went into it thinking that this movie would be your stereo typical movie about moms gone wild with no accountability and how they down play the importance of motherhood and have no care for being a Godly wife or mother.... but that couldn't have been farther from what this movie was about!

This movie was real... it was honest... it was so stinking funny  (mostly because we could all relate to what they were saying/doing) 
and this moving was motivational.

 I personally walked out of that theater a better person and ready to be a better mom when my kids get up in the morning.

How many times can you say that about a movie? This movie was about moms, but it showed the side of the dads too and would be a great date night movie, family movie for all ages (my 6 and 9 year olds would love it!) and of course... MOMS!!! It had the undertones of a great Christian film without the preachiness that one might expect. It told it like it is and inspired me to want to be a better mom not just for my kids but for me. It reminded me that even tho I feel somedays like the worst mother ever, and sometimes I feel like I am getting nothing done and failing at everything.... I am enough... and that God put my girls with just the right mom for them....I think we all need that reminder sometimes. And we all need a Mom's night out from time to time to make us appreciate what we have and who we are...

So go see Mom's Night Out on May 9th! The story is great and the cast is amazing!! Make it a priority to go on opening weekend and tell our entertainment industry that we need more movies like these!! There are so many ways to support Christian entertainment and to be an example in a world that will try to tell you that you aren't enough and that you have to be everything to everyone. There's only one that can be that and He loves you just the way you are!

" Life isn't about a parking space. 

Its NOT about God taking 
all our problems away
and giving us a PERFECT life. 

Its about finding 
Meaning & JOY & PURPOSE.

In this- in the crazy-in the chaos"

-Moms' Night Out

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