Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bumsak- Review

It's always so exciting to open your email and see the words "You Won!" If your inbox is anything like mine, you get a lot of emails trying to trick you into buying something with enticing titles... but this was an actual, legit email telling me I had won something from a contest I had entered! And not just any something... but a chair from Bumsak!!

To be honest, had never even heard of them until I happened on to someone else's share on Facebook about this giveaway. From what I understand, they are a new company and they were doing this as a fun giveaway for the new year. I never in a million years thought I would actually win!!

Living in a smaller house means having to get creative with the way we put our furniture and having two growing kids means that we are needing more sitting space! The days of two little monkeys sitting on thel ittle Dora couch to watch tv are over....and while we will always cherish snuggle time, there are times we just want to relax on our own too! So, to win this was just perfect for us!!

Within just a matter of days, we had this delivered to our house! My kids were so bummed that it wasn't bigger....

Until we got it out of that bag (which took a little work but it was fun!).... and it began to grow...

....and someone seemed to think that it was just for her! lol (That is the bag itself, without the cover of our choice on yet)

The bag isn't quite the color that I thought it would be. It's much darker than the sample color that was on their site. I wrote to them about it and they offered to send me another one but I really do love the color so we just opted to keep the one we have.  If you look on their website, be sure to run your curser over all the colors... there's a number of samples that seem to be grey and they really aren't. That little glitch in their website is the only complaint I would have about this company at all. The chair itself is AMAZING!!

The feel of the cover is really great. It has a nice quality to it, not like your average bean bag chair would. The seams seem to be strong and the animal hair (which is just a natural part of our lives... wonder why? lol) brushes off of it much easier than I thought it would. As for the filler? It is so QUIET!! I remember having a bean bag chair as a kid, that the dog later took over, and we couldn't hear the tv when she was trying to get comfortable! lol That problem is no longer with this chair! The Bumsak chairs are filled with high quality foam, not those styrofoam beans that we are used to!  And the next best thing about this chair? They are made in the good ol' US of A! Now what's not to love about that?! If I hadn't won this chair, I would still say it is well worth the money and has made a great addition to our livingroom!

 Kid tested- Animals approve!

Disclaimer- I was given this chair by Bumsak as part of a giveaway. I was not asked to write this review nor was I compensated for it, I just like to share good products when I see them! :)

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