Friday, January 24, 2014


Thanks to the generosity of a friend, and the newest treasure to be added to my insanity of crafting tools, I have been doing a lot of research on how to get started in the new-to-me art form of weaving. Along the way, I've found some amazing blogs, chat groups and other resources, not to mention some wonderfully patient people in some of my other crafting groups that have been great about answering questions and pointing me in the right directions for more information about my particular loom. I am still terribly overwhelmed but feel like I am at least moving in the right direction now! :) It's amazing how many weavers there are out there and like knitting, is not the dying art that I thought it was! It seems to me, you just have to know where to look! :)

While getting started in my search, I threw out the question to one of the Waldorf groups that I belong to and I asked if there were any weavers in the group. That thread led to a conversation with a gal (who I consider to be a lost long friend now, although we've never met yet!)  about how I got into spinning and how this loom came to be mine. She made a simple comment about wishing she'd be gifted a spinning wheel someday with an "lol" and the conversation went on its way about more fiber related topics. As soon as I saw her comment it was like there was a large floating light bulb hovering above my head and the electricity just made it's connection. If I had been a cartoon I imagine it would have been a comical moment! :) 

You see, I had bought some vintage books from this gal, and she had purchased some wood toys from me... and we had conversed about Waldorf groups in PA after she noticed my picture of downtown Pittsburgh thinking that I lived there too (I had taken it on a recent trip)... so I knew that she was from PA also so I took a stab in the dark and asked what part! The stars aligned and she was about 1 1/2 hours from my mom! Perfect! Again, a cartoon moment would have been a view inside my brain to see the gears turning and another light bulb moment! 

You see, a few years ago, when I decided I wanted to take the leap and get a spinning wheel, my mom was gifted one on my behalf from a friend of hers that had rescued a wheel from a dumpster! Gasp!!! I know, who could possibly do such a thing!!?! Right? Right about the same time, I happened on to mine and while I would have loved to have had the one from my mom, we live on opposite sides of the country! The shipping to get it here would have been more than I paid for mine here!

To make a long story short... I got my mom and my long lost friend in touch with each other via chats on Facebook, they were able to meet up half way and that poor neglected spinning wheel has finally found its way to its forever home!! This gal kept sending me emails of thanks and how excited she was but really I think I was just as excited as she was!! I have felt terrible that the wheel has been sitting in my mom's basement just taking up space but couldn't bring myself to have her get rid of it considering she didn't know anyone that would give it the love that it so truly deserved. So instead... it just sat... The thought that I could pay it forward the kindness and generosity that had been paid to me in the form of a weaving loom absolutely made my day!! 

A week or two later, while checking the mail, we received a mailer that I wasn't expecting... but I recognized the return address label to be from PA... now here's the freaky part...
Inside that mailer was the sweetest heartfelt thank you card and these two vintage books. She already knew of my love of vintage books but she had NO IDEA about my collection of Little Golden books or my youngest's obsession with Eloise Wilken (the artist in the book)... and there is no way of her knowing that we also collect the books in "The True Book" series! As I pulled the books out of the envelope, my two girls were clammering to get over the seats yelling "Let me smell them! Yes, I have done my job when they rate there books on whether or not they smell old!  lol When I told her about it she said that it was Seredipity (one of my favorite words!!) and that we were are kindred spirits... Funny how two people can connect and form a friendship with an entire country between us. 

As I read her reply about us being kindred spirits, it made me think of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables  

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