Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Knit Happens

I have been telling myself that I couldn't start anymore projects until my craft bazaar is over. There's just so many out there calling my name! Knit, needle felt, sewing! I should be working on puppets and play food and not new "fun" projects....let's just say, knit happens!

I have been wanting to learn to knit for years now. The patterns that I find for play food and toys are just SO cool and of course- knit only! I have been hoping to take a class locally but the prices just keep going up and it really seems ridiculous to pay $20 to make a potholder when my personal yarn stash could keep me quite busy for years to come! lol

So, the night before last I took the leap. I printed off directions online and learned to cast on and do the knit stitch. After going back and forth for a number of rows I figured I would either sink or swim and printed off a cute little unicorn pattern I had found and saved weeks earlier! It took a few times of ripping out rows but I finally got it down with little mess ups and then last night I got in a groove and couldn't stop. So, with sleeping children and husband and numerous re-runs of the Cosby show playing in the background, "Olivia" was born! I still need to get her tail finished and mane attached but isn't she a cutie!? (I know I need to get out more but I am SO excited!!!) What shall I tackle next? :)


Kayleigh (sometimes Robin) said...

Adorable! I can't believe that was your first project - most people do scarfs or something flat. lol.
I've never even knit a critter yet. :)
Can you share the pattern link pretty please??
Great job!

Kayleigh (sometimes Robin) said...

Oh, btw, this is robin (not Kayleigh. She doesn't know how to knit. yet. lol.) I keep forgetting that for some reason our log in defaults to the kayleighskloset blog.