Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fairies among us!

"We thought you'd never clean up your mess! We came last night but there was no room around all the toys! And then, you were making so much noise instead of napping so we had to wait to sneak in again! The ball is tomorrow night! Why can't we see the stars at night? We miss the lights!



P.S. Thanks for the snacks! Building is hard work!

Janie has been just bubbling over about this pretzel and how cool it was that the fairies took all those little bites out of it! She came up with the idea of putting up Christmas lights for their party so the fairies will think they are cute! The girls are so loving the new items the fairies left...a grill, ladders etc. I love seeing them and their imaginations pouring out!
What will those fairies do next?


Tan Family said...

I love this! Your blog is wonderful. :) We love fairies, too! --Jennifer

BrandyBehne said...

Love it!!! Too need to move closer to me, lol ;)

Hallie said...

We're trying!! :) Imagine what we could do if we put our heads together! :)

Sandra said...

Hallie, you are such a great mom. I would have loved little fairies in my house when I was little. Your girls are so lucky! Keep the posts coming, I cannot wait to see what the fairies will do next!