Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Perfect Storm

There are certain moments in life that are so unexpected but that couldn't be planned more perfectly if you tried...(this is a picture of an unexplained reflection! We never could figure out how it did that!)

The kiddoes were exhausted from our day of piratey fun and our patience as parents was wearing thin as we were all juggling clingy toddlers, persnickety eaters and a trying game of Monopoly with a frusstrated pre-teen. The night was potentially on a course for disaster when the distant rumble of a storm brewed outside too!
One particular clap of thunder (perhaps even combined with a beam of lightning flashed) made me scurry in preperation for candlelight mode. No sooner had we resumed our Monopoly game when the lights went out! I'm still not quite sure what made me think to bring a candle to the table, or to make matches handy for the storm wasn't tht tuned up yet, but I'm glad I did. Those cranky youngins turned into anxious weenies scared of their own shadows! We quickly illuminated the rooms and broke out some glow sticks for some lights out fun...
There is something to be said for the quiet that comes from a lack of technology (forced or otherwise). It makes you stop and realize what's imprtant, get creative and realize just how much clutter backround noise adds to the energy in a room. The lack of light makes you slow down in movement, not to mention tune into our own thought process that we seldom use in a world that seems to be in such a hurry for tomorrow that we forget to truly live today.
After our eyes adjusted to the lights (or lack there of) and the kids had turned their light sticks into swords, there was a calm in the room that felt so refreshing and oh so welcome! The kids and I sat down to tell some stories and the creative juices started flowing! I would say a sentence and then the kids would take turns adding to the story. They picked it up right away and the stories got more creative and colorful as they went!
After the stories started getting pretty repetative (lol) it was time to get the kids wound down and us adults brought out the guitars. We sat up for hours playing/practicing and had a really good time. Out of all the moments we had while they were here, I think that night is my was the perfect storm!


Tricia said...

That was my favorite too. I felt so blessed to be a part of it :)

Brooke said...

oh the cross is amazing!