Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's color

Isn't it funny how a change in weather can change your mood faster than anything else? We have been stuck in the house for what seems like forever due to insane heat and I know that it's really only been probably a week or so but our moods are all getting terrible being cooped up. I swear this cabin fever is worse than when we were stuck indoors with -18 degrees in Alaska! (Ah, those were the days) I have been sick for a bit now too so I'm sure that hasn't been helping my mood but I think I am finally starting to kick this cold too. I've always thought it was crazy to think of catching a cold when the weather is so hot! How does that happen? I think it's the AC 24/7 that sends my head into shock...Is it crazy that I'm praying for fall already when it's only June!? lol
From the time I was little, I can always remember being my most creative on days that it rained...I always had this uncontrolable need to color. Crazy huh? Now that I am an adult, things haven't really changed. I still have the urge to color only now I am redirecting my thoughts to sewing and crafting. Today I think I am going to actually get a few scrapbooking pages done!
I know people think I'm a bit crazy but since we moved here I have found the day-to-day heat and clear blue skies are really rather depressing. I think it goes back to the rythm of our days and life in general. When all you see is bright blue skies and intense heat is all you feel outside, there is really no chance to "breath" in and's all one extreme after another. I know some would think that is how Alaska would be too but it's really not. Things are slower in some way and from morning to afternoon things could change so much! It was always a joke that if you don't like the weather in Alaska, just wait a minute and that really is true. It took awhile to get used to having to take a jacket with you even on the warmest days but after a bit it became second nature, just one more thing about life in the extreme north. Maybe that's why we loved it so....Before I make myself sad thinking of what could have been (I'll save that for another day) let just enjoy the grey skies and rain....Let's color...

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