Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to the drawing board!

Well, we thought we had found our way to get back home to Alaska....Jason applied back in May and we've been driving ourselves crazy thinking "what if" for months now. We finally got the final answer yesterday. We didn't get it. Part of me was in shock and part of me just wanted to mope and cry. We just wanted this so much! We miss Alaska more than words can express an we miss our church family even more. I just have to believe that there is something so much greater out there waiting for us and that we just have to be patient and do this on God's time, not ours....That said, we went out to drowned our sorrows in Chinese food and fell asleep watching tv.
The military life is seldom easy and never cut and dry! Now we have so many options still to consider but with no direct path to get there! lol We'll just have to keep pluggin' away and praying constantly that God makes our path clear...even if it's not in a northern direction like we are hoping. Faith is easy when things are going right but we have to keep the faith when the days are bleak too. We're still keeping our faith that He knows best!


Renee said...

that stinks! In my mind, you were on your way! lol I'll email you with the detergent recipe.

Renee said...

That stinks. In my mind, you were on your way!