Saturday, March 27, 2010

Play food

Anyone that really knows me, and probably a few strangers that happen to start chatting with me in the toy section of a store, know how much I love wooden and cloth playfood. I have successfully gotten all the plastic out of my girls' play kitchen and replaced it with metal pots and pans, felt and cloth food and wooden dishes and food! I love to see them get creative and I even enjoy the wish lists they keep giving me for more food to make!

So it's no surprise that I am doing everything in my power to get as many entries in a great giveaway for wooden playfood!! Hop on over to Mark it with a B and check it out! The coolest thing about this giveaway? It takes place on J's birthday!!! How perfect is that!?

1 comment:

Robin said...

Hi Hallie, thanks for posting about my giveaway! I can prob help you make a button. Do you have Photoshop or some other photo editor?