Monday, March 29, 2010

A blur

Looking back on the last week and change, I just can't believe how much has gone on! There are so many things I have wanted to blog about, the pictures are stacking up and my brain is in pure overload, but the hours in the day just don't seem to match up with the items on my list to do!

We are blessed in every way...don't get my wrong...I realize how lucky we are! Let me fill you in (if anyone is actually interested!)

Five days after our house was listed on we got an offer on our house, counter offered and accepted theirs...two days after that we had the home inspection, three days later we had the termite inspection and as of last Thursday our house is unofficially sold (that was the end of their 7 day option period!) The closing is set for May 3rd so as of today we have 5 weeks till we close! Pretty amazing huh? We are terribly excited but now the question posed is- Where will we live unti Aug when we can leave the state?

Enter our marvelous plan.....

Instead of having to find a crappy little apartment, moving an extra time, paying huge non-refundable deposits for the furry members of our family and making things that much more caotic, we have decided to put our housing allowance towards something we can keep and have something to show for it when this move is all over! Yes, we are going to live in a travel trailer for 2-4 months! Genius right?! :)

Not everyone has shared our enthusiasm and have told me flat out how crazy we are and they they could never do it! lol I have had many moments that those thoughts have crossed my mind too but ...the more people tell me I'm crazy the more I am determined to prove them wrong! I am not saying I'm not crazy, I know I am but for entirely different reasons! lol

So, as of Saturday night, we are offically owners of a "new" used trailer and we all can't wait be in it. The girls have their own room and spent about 6 1/2 hours in it yesterday playing Polly Pockets! J asked last night before bed if we could go back out in the trailer and then again after enrichment too...they are too funny! I just hope they still like it after they've been in it for months!

I really am excited about this adventure we are starting. I love the idea of simplifying everything and stripping away all the "stuff". I know that I am "stuff person", packrat, crafter etc and I hate that about myself. I don't know if that will ever change but I would like to be able to let go a bit more and feel more freedom as a result. This move will shorely be a test of that! That's not to say I won't love to be back in a house with all my collections of things (books in particular) but for now I think this summer is going to be amazing...the fear sneaks in when I least expect it but today I am thinking only good thoughts about the time I am going to have to bond with my girls over games, the crafts we are going to make (I can't quit cold turkey ya know!) and the family time we are going to have. Not that we don't have all that now, it will just be more magnified in a small space...Life is never boring and always changing...much like our weather these days!


Robin said...

Congrats on your new home on wheels! You'll have a blast. We often throw the same idea around... the one thing that pulls us up short is the doggie that sheds a lot and the cat that likes to go out at night - and the fact that they don't really get along in our 1400 sq. feet so really wouldn't in a 5th wheel {which is what we were leaning towards}... so.
The most appealing thing of moving to a very small space for me is the getting rid of all the stuff - I'd LOVE that actually :)
Good luck with your adventure tho' - I'm sure you will love it!

Renee said...

When we left TX, a friend told me that she didn't think our move was about going back to Alaska. She said it was about our experience getting there and growing together as a family. I could see that! And coming from Thomas the night before we moved into the house, "You know, except for not having all of our stuff, it really hasn't been that bad."

Living in the camper for three months doesn't sound so odd to someone who's lived in Alaska. :o)

You will get into a routine. There will be times when you throw up your hands and say, oh well.....and go out to eat for supper. LOL But, you will love the overall experience. Looking back, I'm actually looking forward to when we leave and do it again!