Monday, April 5, 2010

One last hunt

The day started off with a feeling of blah...I wasn't as ready for Easter as I had hoped to be and didn't even have the eggs stuffed yet! I just knew our last Easter in our house was going to be a bust but I was too tired to do anything about it!

We spent the morning loading up another trailer of our household goods to our storage unit before getting to the festivities of the day but once we go in the groove of it, the day actually turned out quite lovely (but still so tiring! lol)

I had joined a swap for Easter goodies thru Bitsofgoodness and I had been stashing a few little goodies from the share table at school to hide about the house with clues in the eggs. The girls could hardly wait to find out what was in their eggs so Daddy took them out back and hide them as if egg hiding was a sport! lol A few were even hidden too good and had to be scouted for by Mom and Dad!

I am really trying to take everything in during this busy time, and to slow down in the moments when I can...I love the quiet memories we make when the rest of our lives seem to be going by so big events are the birthdays...where does the time go?

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