Monday, April 5, 2010

Where have all the fireflies gone?

Over at 5 Orange Potatoes, a blog I regularly follow, this article was brought to my attention and I feel terribly compelled to share it with you too! It saddens me so much to think that the world has come to this and that people seem to be ok with it... why does the world have to push our kids so far that they can't even have playtime without being controled? Since when do we have to schedule outdoor time and active play?

It's articles like this that leave me totally cemented in the idea that we are doing what is right by homeschooling and that I know we can't fix the world but we are certainly doing everything in our power to give our kids the childhood that we want them to have....lots of free play, out under the sun, in the shade of a tree and with their feet and hands in contact with nature as much as we can...and reminds me why TV/electronics are not our friends and should be used with caution and limited almost as much as process foods....somedays I feel like we are crazy and that it would be so much easier to go with the flow and then an article like this snaps me back into reality and I feel like we are on the right path and that it is oh so worth all the research and work that goes into all the fun and joy we have in our lives....

I am so up for the challenge of posting a picture a day of my kids outside...I still think it's sad that "Children and Nature Awareness Month" even has to exist but glad that perhaps it will made a change in the life of even one child...

**I hope know one is offended my my ramblings. I don't think homeschooling is for everyone but appreciate it when the universe reminds me that it is definately for us!

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